Why Is Ushio The Best Character Of The Summertime Render?

Ushio Kofune was the best friend, sister, daughter and girlfriend of the show. Here's why:

Why Is Ushio The Best Character Of The Summertime Render?

Ushio from Summertime Render is a true gem of a character, as she consistently delivers the cutest moments that make it difficult not to adore her. She has the best personality, brightening any tense situation, and the best reaction to any incident. Despite the fact that she is a shadow, her quick reactions make her feel the most humane of all the characters.

Kofune Ushio was a 17-year-old girl living on Hitogashima island with her family when she drowned while attempting to save a young girl, Shiori. Fortunately, her shadow still exists and brings with her massive firepower and the cutest moments.

1. Ushio and Shinpei reunion in the 3rd Loop

the female lead watching the fireworks

Shinpei ended up on the beach with Ushio's shadow in the third loop. Ushio didn't realise she was a shadow because he was too stunned to speak. She was overjoyed to see Shinpei and dashed over to him, pinning him to the ground.

Shinpei tried to convince her that she had already died, which caused Ushio to recall the pain she had felt. While there was a lot to think about, Ushio was calm.

2. Young Ushio requests Hizuru to read her a book.

the female character when she was a kid

Hizuru Minakata recalls meeting a young Ushio at the Kofune restaurant in episode 6. While she was a customer, Ushio approached her and asked for Hizuru's book to read.

Hizuru offered to narrate her own original story because the book contained a topic that was too mature for Ushio at the time. Ushio's tantrum for not being allowed to read a book was far too adorable at the time. Furthermore, the way she mispronounced "original" to "orangeenal" could not be overlooked.

3. Shinpei is surprised as Ushio is cooking

the female lead waiting for the food

Ushio surprised Shinpei while he was cooking for the Kofunes during the fourth loop. Shinpei was terrified because he still hadn't figured out what was going on with the loops. Ushio, on the other hand, was too hungry and distracted by Shinpei's curry.

Ushio's stomach rumbled with hunger when Mio entered the room, which was a close call. Mio, on the other hand, mistook it for Shinpei being hungry. Later, as Alan entered the room, Shinpei handed Ushio a note requesting that she sneak into his room. Her reaction to realising the plan was far too innocent and carefree.

4. Ushio waiting for Shinpei’s curry

the male lead trying to kill the shadow of the female lead

Shinpei was on his way to take some food to Ushio when he noticed her singing her curry rhythm, which confused him about his feelings. She chowed down on the food like the real Ushio.

Shinpei checked to see if the Ushio in front of her was a shadow. Shinpei tickled her shadow after touching her, confirming that she was a shadow. Later, Ushio's request for seconds and attempt to imitate Shinpei were too cute. Finally, the way Ushio hid and waited for Shinpei to hand her some new clothes was adorable.

5. Ushio’s reaction to Hizuru treating her arm

the female lead with a hammer

When shadow Mio attacked Shinpei, Ushio jumped in to save him, severely injuring her arm. Hizuru and Nezu arrived to save them. Hizuru wanted to eliminate Ushio even though they were successful. Shinpei, on the other hand, begs Hizuru to spare Ushio and assist in the treatment of her arm.

Hizuru agreed and sprayed water on Ushio's arm. This caused her arm to vanish, and Ushio's reaction was priceless. She was fine without her arm because it no longer hurt her and she was back to her normal self.

6. Ushio kicks Sou

the male lead scared of the shadow

Shinpei and Ushio proceed to explain the situation to Sou in order to obtain assistance. Ushio revealed herself to Sou here, but the latter was too stunned to respond. He had been feeling guilty for Ushio's death the entire time, and now she was standing in front of him.

Sou asked Ushio to punch him for not being able to properly resuscitate her after Shinpei and Ushio explained the entire scenario surrounding the shadows. But Ushio, who had no ill will toward Sou, was quick to kick him and make him realize that they needed his assistance. Ushio's closeness to his friends was simply demonstrated by the kick.

7. Ushio gets along with her shadow

the clones of the blonde female lead

Shinpei, Ushio, and Sou watch a video recorded on Ushio's phone in Summertime Render episode 9. In the video, Ushio and Shadow Ushio delivered a message to Shinpei.

This prompted a flashback to how Ushio and Shadow Ushio first met. While it was initially perplexing, they eventually got along due to their shared fear of ghosts and personalities. As the Ushios continued to interact with one another, these moments were adorable and left fans smiling.

8. Ushio’s drastic mood swings during tense moments

The main couple sharing a sweet moment

We saw Ushio's human side when she was afraid of ghosts when she, Shinpei, and Sou went to the forest to inspect an abandoned house. We saw Ushio and Sou's dynamic here, as Sou was eager to scare her even more. We saw Ushio get scared again when the sound of water dripping alarmed her.

Things became tense as the group descended further into the rabbit hole for their investigation. This is when Ushio began to feel hungry and let out the loudest rumble. Her reaction to Shinpri bringing food with her appeared childish.

9. Ushio hates hospitals at night

the female lead in the hospital

When Shinpei, Ushio, Hizuru, Sou, and Tokiko entered the clinic to meet Dr. Hishigata, Ushio revealed another of her fears: being in hospitals late at night. She collapsed in terror, cutting the circulation to Shinpei's hand.

When Ushio noticed a shadow on the floor below, she became terrified when she realised it was the Morgue. She was relieved when she discovered that it was her original body in the Morgue.

10. Young Ushio dealing with bullies

the characters when they were kids

Ushio and Shinpei were taught by a woman named Hitobuchi 'Buchi' Kanae when they were young. When the duo learned that the latter had been killed by the shadows, Ushio and Shinpei recalled an incident from their childhood.

Some kids teased Ushio because she looked like a foreigner with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Ushio, on the other hand, would not let the matter go and took care of her bullies, for which she received a lecture from Buchi. One of the cutest moments in Summertime Render was when Ushio defended herself and showed her feisty side.

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