Does Vampire in the Garden Have a Happy Ending?

Does Vampire in the Garden Have a Happy Ending?

Vampire in the Garden is filled with heartbreaking, tearjerking moments, depiction of violence, music, and relationship transcending time and barriers. The anime series has a rating of 7.2 on IMDB and MAL.

What is the story of Vampire in the Garden?

The story of Vampire in the Garden is set in an alternative world where vampires exist. Unfortunately, humans and vampires don’t coexist, and in the never ending winter, soldiers fight vampires as dictated by the military.

Momo, a young girl serving in the military joined the mission to eliminate vampires. She hesitated for a moment to kill a young vampire but was of no use. Momo, while on the mission with her friend Mirena discovers a musical box which they take back with them.

Mankind has been at war with vampires, and as things became unbearable, Momo has her overbearing and controlling mom to thank for the suffocation and toxicity.

Who is Fine?

scared lookig woman

The queen of vampires, Fine once loved a human. After her death, Fine never felt alive. Tired of the long war, Fine left the battlefield, which made her tagged as the betrayer.

Now all Fine ever wanted was to search for her own utopia where she can die peacefully, leaving everything behind.

What do Momo and Fine want?

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Momo is no different as she wants to live her dream where both humans and vampires can coexist.

Taking a liking to the musical box, Momo was enamored but the joy was short-lived. Momo’s mom, (also in the military, a high-ranking officer) found the musical box and went berserk at her daughter’s action.

Unable to take it anymore, Momo left her mom and escaped home. Things took a drastic turn when Fine was attacked by humans. She survived but heard Momo sing the song often sung by her deceased human friend.

Momo was scared and frantic when she met Fine and almost lost her calm. The situation became tense when both sides declared open war, and Fine and Momo got caught up in the enemy lines.

Momo’s friend Mirena tried saving her but ended up as collateral damage. The situation got out of hand when Mirena died and another vampire transformed into a monster. Without a moment to waste Fine escaped with Momo and saved her life.

What will happen to Momo and Fine?

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Things weren’t the same when Momo lost her friend Mirena. She blamed the vampires and Fine for her friend’s death. Although most of the time, Momo kept whining and complaining, Fine was calm and tolerated her because well, she was more patient than she looked (no pun intended).

Fine was almost dying but her life, although short lived was full of excitement and adventures with Momo. Unfortunately, the enemies both Fine and Momo had, would not gonna let them live a happy life.

Momo’s mom sent the hired guns to get back the traitor. Both Momo and Fine had to fight through them all to escape the hells and finally arrive at Eden or so they thought.

Does Vampire in the Garden Have a Happy Ending?

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Things weren’t all fine when Momo and Fine reached a village that looked all peaceful on the inside but could be even more terrifying. In a general sense, Vampire in the Garden didn’t have the happy ending that we all wished or hoped for.

Momo’s confrontation with her mom was the highlight as she declared her freedom and left her mom forever. Unfortunately, Fine dies but at least in the final moments of death, Fine was with Momo as she passed away.

Momo never gave up, became the traitor, and truly abandoned her home and mankind, leaving the war behind in search of the Utopia both Fine and Momo hoped for. A place where vampires and humans can coexist peacefully, with music and no hatred or war.

It was sad to see Fine die but it was hinted from the very beginning that she was nearing her death. The scene was bittersweet as Fine passed away in a garden (landscape) full of flowers and snow.

Fine’s trusted confident Allegro died previously while trying to protect Momo. In the post-credit scenes, Momo is shown as someone living in Euphoria, where she finally made it after cutting ties with humans and vampires alike.

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