8 Violet Evergarden Characters That Gave This Anime a Different Tone!

8 Violet Evergarden Characters That Gave This Anime a Different Tone!

Violet Evergarden Anime is this heartwarming series on Netflix that I happened to watch recently.

This is the most beautiful, emotional rollercoaster of an anime I’ve seen to date.

It’s about this girl, Violet who was in the military for most of her life. During one of the wars, she loses her arms and someone who was very close to her.

But her determination to live through is what makes her who she is. She recovers and becomes a whole new person and learns what it means to ‘love’.

I absolutely loved watching it. The Violet Evergarden Characters have their own quirk and I’m going to write about some of my favorites from this anime series.

1. Violet Evergarden

a young girl standing by the window

Violet had a tough life one could say. She was born an orphan and one fine day, was handed over to a military man named Major Gilbert.

He was the only one who was truly kind to her and treated her with care. Being with him in the military, she grew as a person.

Violet though, had a bit of a problem, she never understood her feelings and emotions.

She always struggled with knowing her own heart and always needed to be given orders to function.

It’s only after she lost the Major in the war and became a doll later in life that she truly learnt the ways of being human.

Although a little aloof and usually with a face that carried no expressions, Violet was a very kind soul.

And manner times, just her presence made people better.

2. Gilbert Bougainville

a man after he got shot in the eye during the war

Gilbert, or the Major as Violet liked to call him, is the man who took care of Violet when she was in the military.

Violet in a way was given to him by his older brother Dietfried Bougainville.

He was told she’s a tool for the war but the man had a kind soul. He treated her with respect, love and genuine care.

And that, opened her in so many ways. We didnt see much of him in the series, but from whatever they showed , I really grew fond of the Major too.

No wonder Violet was nuts about him. What really happened to him the war, is still something unanswered after the first season of Violet Evergarden Anime series.

3. Claudia Hodgins

Hodgins who helped Violet become who she is now

Hodgins, another lovely human in the series, who also happened to be best buds with Gilbert.

It turns out the two of them attended academy together and after the Major went MIA, Hodgins took care of Violet.

He got her a job as a doll in his company and she began a new journey into self discovery.

4. Cattleya

a women smiling at someone

Cattleya was the head doll in Hodgins company. This very kind and warm soul, lead a team of dolls fiercely and did everything to empower them.

She was also the top requested doll in the area, her writing and flair of words won the hearts of many.

But other than that, she was a wonderful person who understood where Violet came from and did her very best to help her make a place for herself.

5 & 6. Iris & Erica

men and women peeking from the door

The two other dolls at the office with Violet, were Iris & Erica.

Two totally different personalities, yet so similar in what they wished to bring into the world.

Iris, dressed quirky and was brave to speak her mind and Erica was a little shy, very soft but full of dreams of her own.

Both the girls, in their own ways, made Violet’s journey so much smoother.

7. Luculia

a women talking with her colleagues

Luculia was this girl in the series who truly admired Violet for who she was.

They met during Violet’s training to be a doll. She was sweet, lovely and full of love.

Her compassion and desire to help made Violet make a breakthrough into her emotional world.

And in having done, Violet found a friend for life.

8. Dietfried

a man looking upset

Gilbert’s older brother, Dietfried wasn’t someone who you would like as you begin watching Violet Evergarden Anime.

He was the one who thought of Violet as merely a weapon or tool for war. He didn’t think she could have real emotions either.

But it’s after watching how much she had changed and how even though she had lost so much during the war, she still had this fire burning inside her to keep going, only this time, for good.

Towards the end, he too changes his opinion on Violet and watching people transform, well that’s truly beautiful.

Over all the show is Excellent The Violet Evergarden Characters & backgrounds are all artistically beautiful, the message is simple but uplifting.

The Plot and The Violet Evergarden Characters are very realistic.