Was Erza Scarlet Doomed from the Beginning?

Was Erza Scarlet Doomed from the Beginning?

Erza Scarlet is one of the most powerful characters in Fairy Tail series. Erza Scarlet had her fair share of unhappiness in the series.

Not only did Erza Scarlet have a painful childhood, but she also lost her family, her friends, and the one person she loved the most.

Her one true love or the potential love interest Jellal became evil and almost killed her when they had a face-off.

In Fairy Tail was Erza Scarlet the most beautiful character?

Was Erza Scarlet doomed from the beginning? Can escape the cycle of violence, loss, tragedy, and unhappiness?

Will Erza Scarlet get her very own happy ending?

Who is Erza Scarlet in Fairy Tail?

Erza Scarlet is one of the S-class members of Fairy Tail.

She is also part of Team Natsu and often joins them in several missions with Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Happy, and Wendy Marvel.

She is often feared in the guild, and Natsu and Gray are obedient towards Erza.

Erza is very impatient and often corrects the guild members for behaving badly.

She is respected by everyone in the guild and even served as the temporary master of Fairy Tail.

Erza uses Requip magic and is extremely competent in combat skills.

She is viewed as a very strict person and dislikes when people don't answer her questions quickly. It's no doubt that Erza Scarlet is a cool and beautiful person.

She is awesome and warm and passionate.

Although Erza is a strong and scary person, she really likes girly and sweet things and cute clothes.

Erza is always seen as wearing her armor and feels uncomfortable and insecure without it.

What happened in Erza Scarlet's childhood?

little girl crying as she fights

When Erza was a child, she was powerless and was always crying.

Even after growing up, she felt the guilt that she could not protect her friend Simon.

When Erza was a child, she and Jellal were enslaved in the Tower of Heaven.

Erza and Jellal tried to escape but they were captured. Jellal was tortured and brainwashed.

In the Tower of Heaven, Erza Scarlet lost her right eye as a form of punishment for trying to escape the tower. She has an artificial eye, which is a blessing in disguise.

Any kind of illusion magic is ineffective towards her and can be seen when Midnight cast an illusory spell on the Fairy Tail members.

Only Erza had no effect due to her artificial eye.

Her family

Unfortunately for Erza Scarlet, she did not have the comfort or joy of a family in her childhood.

Her mother Irene Belserion, became a dragon and was freed from the curse by Zeref.

After giving birth to Erza, she left her and later joined Zered in the Alvarez Army.

Unfortunately, Irene didn’t have any motherly feelings towards Erza Scarlet and later they fight off as enemies, and Erza emerges victorious.

Irene was pitiful in a sense after being imprisoned by her husband Rung when she started transforming into a dragon.

Would things have been different if Rung had never imprisoned Irene?

Erza and Jellal

the couple looks at each other and smiles

Erza and Jellal were childhood friends.

Unfortunately, when Jellal was secretly working in the council, where he murdered every member to take control and later tried to kill Erza was really heartbreaking.

As children, Jellal was extremely protective of Erza and quite fond of her.

Had things been different if Jellal and Erza succeeded in escaping the Tower of Heaven? Could they have joined Fairy Tail together?

Although Jellal’s counterpart Mystogun was part of Fairy Tail, he belonged to Edolus. Erza always loved Jellal and could never really hate him.

It was Erza who positively influenced Jellal and later started to atone for his sins.

When Jellal broke out from the prison, Erza had mixed reactions, she was somehow relieved.

Jellal wants Erza to be happy and often thinks that he doesn’t deserve her.

Erza and Fairy Tail bond

One of the saving points for Erza Scarlet is her true bond with Fairy Tail. Erza was welcomed into the guild by Master Makarov Dreyar.

Makarov Dreyar is one of the ten wizard saints.

It was master Dreyar who introduced Erza to Porlyusica who gave her the artificial eye.

Erza has a special bond with the Fairy Tail members but she is extremely close with Natsu and Gray. They grew up together and are like family.

Both Natsu and Gray lost their only family and joined Fairy Tail. Erza was like a sister and role model to them.

Erza Scarlet may have had a very sad and painful past, but she wasn’t doomed to sadness or guilt.

She worked hard and got over her weakness, facing different adversaries together with the Fairy Tail members, who became her home.

Erza is quite fond of Lucy and Wendy and has a close bond with them as well.

Erza proved that people can change, they can achieve anything and life and not let their past define them. She is a woman who deserves the utmost respect and is a force to reckon with.

Erza is one of the strongest pillars of the Guild and always does what’s right and bears the consequences of her choice.

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