Wendy Marvell's Relationship With Other Characters Explained

Wendy Marvell's Relationship With Other Characters Explained

Wendy Marvell is a wizard from Fairy Tail guild. She was previously in the Cait Shelter Guild. Carla is her exceed who’s always with Wendy. Wendy Marvell is a Sky Dragon Slayer like Natsu and Gazeel. She uses Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.

After Fairy Tail’s disbandment, Wendy joins Lamia Scale for some time with Charla. To help Natsu resurrect Fairy Tail, Wendy rejoins the guild together with Charla.

Wendy Marvell is a very polite and shy person. Her exceed, Charla is always with her. Charla and Wendy are very close to each other. Wendy is a friendly person and can make friends very easily. In the beginning, Wendy comes off as an insecure person who doubted her abilities to help her friends.

But as the series progresses she slowly starts to build confidence. Her abilities also develop throughout the series. She’s a crucial member of Team Natsu and Fairy Tail.

Relationship Analysis


Wendy Marvell looks up to Natsu Deagneel a lot. She’s close to Natsu and sees him in a highly opinionated manner. Wendy respects Natsu and consults him for problems.

Their relationship is close to siblings/friends. She is a key member of Team Natsu and together they go on missions. Like Natsu, she also suffers from motion sickness. Natsu never fights with her and he cares about her deeply. Wendy Marvell takes Natsu as her inspiration. She admires him greatly.


Wendy Marvell’s foster mother is Grandeeney, who is a dragon. Like Natsu and Gazeel, they were sent to X777 to defeat Acnologia. Wendy serves as a vessel to Grandeeney.


Lucy and Wendy share a sister-like relationship. She looks up to Lucy and she is a big sister to Wendy Marvell. Lucy, Natsu, and Happy go on missions together. Lucy is happy when Wendy joins them on the journey.

According to Lucy, Wendy is a sensible person and to have her join them, she’s really glad. Lucy looks out for Wendy and makes sure she is not influenced by other members of the guild.


Wendy Marvell and Sherria are best friends. They have a sisterhood and friendly relationship. After Fairy Tail was disbanded she joined Sherria in Lamia scale.

They are close to each other’s age which makes them very similar in understanding each other. Sherria always encourages Wendy and gives her constant support. Their friendship is one of the best friendships in Fairy Tail.


Wendy also looks up to Erza and they have a sister relationship. Erza is like a big sister to Wendy. They have more emotional and impactful scenes. Erza and Lucy have a great deal of impact on the development of Wendy Marvell.


Wendy Marvell is close with her exceed Charla. They joined the Fairy Tail guild together after meeting Natsu and Lucy.


Wendy shares a sibling relationship with Gazeel even though they are not related by blood. It’s like how dragon slayers are connected. Natsu and Gazeel are the closest things to a family that Wendy Marvell has. Even though Gazeel acts tough and cold, that his care for Wendy is evident.

“There’s nothing about combat that I enjoy. However, for the sake of my Guild, I must toss that ambivalent feelings aside…and fight with my might!!!”


Wendy Marvell is a young and gifted Sky Dragon Slayer. She uses Sky Dragon Slayer magic with the ability to manipulate air. Her abilities allow her to use healing abilities.

Wendy is efficient in hand-to-hand combats, has enhanced durability in fights, and has enhanced hearing and smell. She has a diverse range of attacks like Sky Dragon’s Roar, Sky Dragon’s Wing attacks, etc. Wendy Marvell is a powerful ally. The Sky Dragon Slayer cannot be underestimated.

Some interesting facts

  • Wendy is not a picky eater but she dislikes pickled plums.
  • Unlike other dragon slayers, Wendy doesn’t suffer from motion sickness, at least not that often.
  • In an interview, it was revealed that she was supposed to be a Water Dragon Slayer. She could have rivaled Juvia don’t you think!?!
  • Wendy with Sherria becomes an idol singer after Fairy Tail disbanded.
  • She has a low alcohol tolerance.
  • Wendy is the only wizard who was part of 3 guilds!!! But of course, she’s loyal towards the Fairy Tail guild.

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