What happened to Soul Society after Yhwach's slaughter?

Ichigo was disappointed as Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi informed him that he might not be able to fix or restore Ichigo’s Zanpaktou.

What happened to Soul Society after Yhwach's slaughter?

The aftermath of the destruction and the Wandenreich invasion was evident with casualties. A dispirited Kurosaki Ichigo was one of the piercing things in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 8 “The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)”.

Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen S017E08 was reassuring and hopeful for Soul Society as Squad Zero makes an appearance.

This begs the question that why did Squad Zero appear only now? What did Squad Zero want from Kurosaki Ichigo? What happened to Ichigo’s friends and Urahara Kisuke in Hueco Mundo? Did Ichigo finally reunite with Rukia Kuchiki?

What happened in Bleach Episode 8 The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)?

Crying girl
Crying Isane

The episode started with the casualties and how Soul Society was dealing with the situation. Plentiful death, injured people and medical treatment were provided to surviving members.

In Squad 4, Captain Unohana Retsu and Vice-captain Isane Kotetsu had a brief conversation. It was actually sad to see Isane cry as she laments not being able to help others.

Captain Commander Yamamoto ordered Squad 4 to remain shut and not to participate in the war. This was the final order that Unohana and her team members had to follow.

How was Ichigo dealing with everything?

injured boy turning against other guy
Shinji & Ichigo

Thousand Year Blood War S017E07 “Born in the Dark” was a rude awakening and the start of Ichigo’s worries and insecurities. In S017E08 “The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)”, things were getting managed in Soul Society.

The invasion was stopped thanks to Ichigo Kurosaki’s return and Aizen’s meddling who twisted Yhwach’s sense of time. Unfortunately, the severity of the clash between Ichigo and Stern Ritter “B” Jugram Haschwalth resulted in a broken Tensa Zangetsu.

Ichigo was in for more shocks and disappointment as Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi informed him that he might not be able to fix or restore Ichigo’s Zanpaktou as it was destroyed in the Bankai form.

Mayuri can only modify or repair Zanpaktou if it was in its Shikai form, but even so, it would not be restored in its original form.

It was a bit disappointing to see some Manga scenes cut out from Bleach TYBW Episode 8.

It would have been easier to see Ichigo and Mayuri’s conversation when he explained how Abarai Renji’s Zanpaktou was broken and never fully restored. Renji’s Bankai dealt a great blow against his fight with Byakuya Kuchiki.

Who makes a surprise visit in Episode 8?

stuffed teddy surprised

Finally, we missed Kon. Kon is an essential part of Ichigo’s team and his absence was quite visible. Kon finally made an appearance as he was with Mayuri and he was inside his lab.

Although they cut out the Kon in his heavy body-building state, do read the Manga to check it out. They even removed the parts when Urahara was trolling Mayuri. Kisuke Urahara never fails to amaze us with his humour and trolling.

What happened to Rukia and Renji?

injured people lay comatose
Rukia & Renji

Ichigo Kurosaki was helping others and barely got managed to heal his wounds. Thankfully, Captain Hirako Shinji took Ichigo to where Rukia and Renji were.

The medical team informed them that both Rukia and Renji were out of danger. The interaction between Shinji and Ichigo is quite nice but even more interesting was Rukia's response to Ichigo.

Finally, some Rukia and Ichigo interaction that we waited for a long time in Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen.

It’s always a pleasure to see how casually and informally Ichigo addresses Rukia, to show their deep bonds of friendship. Rukia is always the first person to notice how Ichigo looked down despite acting cheerful.

When Rukia asked Ichigo whether he came to save Soul Society, Ichigo said he wasn’t able to do much.

It was encouraging to see Shinji assuring Ichigo that it was because of him further destruction stopped and Ichigo helped to chase away Yhwach and the Wandenreich.

What’s happening with Gotei 13?

sceptical person
Soi Fong

The captains were still mourning the loss of Shigekuni Yamamoto. The captain of the Second Division Soi Fong was bitter and sad about Yamamoto’s death. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find Yamamoto’s body.

Thankfully, Byakuya Kuchiki and Zaraki Kenpachi escaped death. It was emotional to see Soi Fong and the Captain of the 9th Squad Kensei Muguruma bicker with each other.

Honestly, it was outright rude of Soi Fong to say that Kensei was happy that Yamamoto was gone because of his previous grudges. What Gotei 13 needed was a calm and composed leader which was Shunsui Kyoraku. Kyoraku would assume the position of head commander soon and lead Squad 1 and Gotei 13.

Why did Squad Zero Appear?

two people greeting each other
Unohana & Tenjiro Kirinji

The Gotei 13 weren’t too excited to welcome Squad Zero but there was nothing they can do.

Soi Fong’s outburst and Squad Zero handing out to her was a nice scene, maybe something she needed to manage her emotions. As usual, the leader of Squad Zero, Ichibe Hyosube is the only reasonable person who managed to calm them down.

Kurosaki Ichigo was present as well, although he wasn’t sure why Squad Zero would have any business with him. Hyosube wanted Ichigo to come with them to Squad Zero.

Ichigo didn’t want to leave and was insistent that he would recover on his own. Deep down Ichigo was worried about his friends in Hueco Mundo.

the person talking to everyone
Kisuke Urahara

Thankfully, Kisuke Urahara made contact and informed Ichigo that both Chad and Orihime were safe. We get a glimpse of an unknown stranger.

The former 6th Espada Grimmjow was not directly revealed but we know the (Arrancar) hole when we see it. Grimmjow’s reaction to seeing Ichigo is always hilarious. Not sure why it wasn’t revealed in the manga, but the anime pretty much gave it to us.

Mayuri’s sarcastic exchange with Senjumaru Shutara was hilarious. Mayuri complained about how she sneaked inside his lab and took what she wanted without his authority.

Retsu Unohana’s interaction with Tenjiro Kirinji was a bit patronising as he asked whether she was using her healing abilities in a good way. Tenjiro’s remark to Unohana was quite a build-up as to what future is coming concerning Zaraki Kenpachi. If you know, you know!

Kirio Hikifune addressed Hirako Shinji and he looked quite surprised as he wasn’t able to recognise her.

Thankfully, Ichigo decided to go to Soul Palace to get his Zanpaktou fixed. It was a surprise to see Kukaku Shiba as she helped Squad Zero’s transport.

family members talking
Isshin Kurosaki with Kukaku Shiba and Ganju

The iconic scene is when Kukaku says that his uncle would be sad, but Ichigo must go. The uncle in question here is Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s dad. The former Xcution members make an appearance as they leave to train with Ganju.

Ichigo Kurosaki safely made it to Soul Society and his first stop was the Healing Hotsprings. Kurosaki Ichigo visited Kirinden with Tenjiro Kirinji. Rukia, Renji and Byakuya were receiving the hot spring's healing as well.

The next Episode was interesting when Renji woke up and trains with Ichigo. Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 9 “The Drop” enlightened us as to what comes next, especially for Ichigo. Ichigo’s past was revealed as well.

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