What happens to all the hashiras in demon slayer manga?

What happens to all the hashiras in demon slayer manga?

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime and manga series of the decade. The series is a perfect blend of action, comedy, thrill, tragedy, suspense, and horror.

The Hashiras are the 9 strongest demon slayers in the entire Demon Slayer Corp.

The word "Hashira" means pillar in Japanese. Referring to the demon slayers as Hashiras explains the fact that they are the ones holding the organization together. The Hashiras are highly respected for their job since they are assigned the most difficult tasks, which include battling with the 12 Kizuki.

Here, we will find out one by one what happens to all the hashiras as the manga series ends. All the 9 Hashiras mentioned below were the last of their generation before the Demon Slayer Corp dissolved after the defeat of Muzan Kibutsuji and the 12 Kizuki. This article contains lots of spoilers for anime fans so proceed with caution.

1. Giyu Tomioka (Water Hashira)


Giyu is one of the most important and beloved characters in the series. He is the sole reason that Tanjiro was able to become a demon slayer and save his sister. In the final arc, Giyu fights alongside other demon slayers to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji. In chapter 191, the battle with Muzan was going on in full swing.

It was then that the demon let out a deadly attacking dealing with a lot of powerful demon slayers at once. Giyuu is one of the victims of the attack who had his right arm cut off. However, losing his dominant arm didn't keep him away from the battlefield as he continues to fight against Muzan and even supported Tanjiro when things got tough for him.

2. Kyojuro Rengoku (Flame Hashira)


While we are talking about beloved Demon Slayer characters, we certainly can't leave Rengoku behind. Unlike Giyuu, his encounter with Tanjiro was rather short. He was only introduced just before the end of the first season and plays a major in the movie Infinity Train.

It's no secret to Demon Slayer fans that Rengoku dies an honorable death after his battle with Akaza. He was able to save all the train passengers and his fellow demon slayers to the very end. Rengoku didn't leave behind any successor of the Flame breathing technique so he was the last flame breathing technique user before the disbandment of the Demon Slayer Corp.

3. Mitsuri Kanroji (Love Hashira)


Mitsuri, the Love Hashira is a passionate and affectionate person who always compliments people in her head but is too shy to say it out loud. Unlike the hashiras, who had admirable goals to join the Demon Slayer Corps, Mitsuri only joined it to find a suitable husband.

She has unusual hair color and great physical strength from the beginning. This is why, she was always ostracized by the people in her village, but never held any resentment towards them. At some point during her time in the Demon Slayer Corps, she fell in love with Obanai. In chapter 200, she dies in Obanai's arms as a result of her severe injuries during their battle with Muzan.

4. Obanai Iguro (Serpent Hashira)


Obanai was introduced as a mysterious man who hid his face and had a serpent wrapped around his neck. He holds great distrust towards Tanjiro and Nezuko and believes that they would soon betray the Corp. He is one of the many demon slayers who suffered under the hands of demons.

Obanai was also in love with Mitsuri but he never confessed to her as he loathes himself due to his past. He also believes that a selfish and immoral being didn't have any right to stay with a person like Mitsuri, who appeared as a ray of light in his life. In chapter 200, soon after Mitsuri dies in his arms, Obanai follows her after the duo made a promise to marry each other if they are reborn.

5. Sanemi Shinazugawa (Wind Hashira)


Sanemi first came off as a very arrogant person with no social etiquette whatsoever. He resents the fact that a demon slayer (Tanjiro) was traveling with a demon (Nezuko) and protecting it. He truly believes that Nezuko would anytime give in to the natural desires of the demons and devour humans mercilessly.

Sanemi injures Nezuko with his sword and tries to lure her with his blood to prove his point, though it fails. During his battle with Muzan and the 12 Kizuki, he loses his only remaining relative, his younger brother Genya.

Sanemi is one of the three demon slayers who survives after the battle with Muzan. His resentment towards Nezuko also transforms into brotherly affection when he sees a shadow of Genya in her.

6. Gyomei Himejima (Stone Hashira)


Gyomei, the Stone Hashira was said to be the strongest Hashira of all. He is a kind person and always liked to cry for no reason at all. He took Genya under his wing and trained him when the latter was supposedly abandoned by his older brother. In chapter 191, the same attack of Muzan claimed Giyu's right arm, Gyomei was severely injured as well. He loses one of his legs and was unable to move.

Regardless, he continues to fight by trying to hold Muzan using his chain from getting away from the sunlight. In chapter 200, Muzan disintegrates as the ray of sunlight hit him for the first time in a thousand years. Gyomei remembers his past when he used to raise orphans before joining the corp. He closed his eyes forever as he apologizes to the children for being unable to protect them.

7. Tengen Uzui (Sound Hashira)


Tengen is the most eccentric Hashira and was always dressed flashily. He will play a major role in the upcoming Demon Slayer season which will cover the Entertainment District Arc. He will be aided by Tanjiro and his group to infiltrate the Red Light District and sniff out a member of the 12 Kizuki who was hiding and killing people there.

The intense battle with the demons almost took his life. Tengen loses an eye and an arm. As he was about to die, Nezuko saves him with her newfound powers. After that, Tengen retires from the Demon Slayer Corp but often visits the place where the head of the Corp lives.

8. Muichiro Tokito (Mist Hashira)


Mucihiro is the youngest Hashira being only 14 years of age. Due to his past trauma, he ends up losing his memories before joining the Demon Slayer Corp. However, despite losing his memories, he remembers his resentment towards the demons. It pushed him to train excessively even after becoming a Hashira.

In chapter 176, Muichiro, Genya, Gyomei, and Sanemi were fighting the upper one demon. The demon reveals himself to be Muichiro's ancestor. However, even so, he spared no effort in killing him. Just before Muichiro dies, he lands a fatal blow to the demon, ultimately ending his life.

9. Shinobu Kocho (Insect Hashira)


Shinobu is the most unique demon slayer of all since she is the only one who doesn't have enough arm strength to cut off a demon's head. As we know, the only known way to kill a demon is to cut off their head with a Nichirin sword or to have them exposed to direct sunlight.

Shinobu uses neither of the methods. Instead, he has great talent in medicine, which is why she was able to create a poison that kills demons almost instantly. Though the demons don't disintegrate after dying from the poison.

In chapter 143, she was devoured by the upper two demon, Doma. Doma was the demon responsible for killing Shinobu's elder sister, Kanae, the previous Flower Hashira, whom she greatly respected.

However, it was later revealed that being devoured was part of her plan since she has been injecting poison into her body for a long time. She tells Kanao about her plan and tells her to kill Doma after her death.

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