What is Aileen Scheming?

What is Aileen Scheming?

The 2022 Fall anime, Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita is an Isekai anime with elements of comedy, romance, reverse harem and fantasy. Can an Isekai anime be complete without a villainess transported from the real world and how she uses their knowledge to mess with the story?

Not quite accurate, but Aileen Lauren Dautriche decided to do a re-do and start over after her engagement with Prince Cedric Jeanne Elmir was called off.

What does a true villainess do; scheme obviously to set things straight. I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss is very entertaining as Aileen sets out to create her own reverse harem with the otome game’s knowledge and sets out to get a new suitor.

As if Aileen will lose to the female lead Lilia Reinoise. Will Claude Jeanne Elmir help Aileen? That begs the question, what is Aileen scheming? How will she get out of the predicament?

What is the plot of I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss?

Aileen Lauren Dautriche at the ball
Aileen Lauren Dautriche at the ball

Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita or I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss is a 2022 Isekai anime adapted from the Light Novel created by Sarasa Nagase and illustrated by Mai Murasaki. It was adapted into a Manga series by Anko Yuzu.

I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss shows the story of Aileen Lauren Dautriche who ended up in an Otome game as the villainess.

Immediately after entering the game world, Aileen had to face a broken engagement by Prince Cedric Jeanne Elmir.

Claude with Almond
Claude with Almond

Cedric was in love with the female lead of the game, Lilia Reinoise, the Holy Sword Maiden. The Holy Sword Maiden has the power of fighting demons like Cedric’s older brother Claude Jeane Elmire.

In the game, Claude transforms into a demon after he faces betrayal from his closed trusted human aid, Keith Eigrid. In the original game, Lilia killed Claude and hence happily ever after, of course not quite for Aileen who faced death thanks to Claude.

Now, that Aileen is in the game and with her knowledge, the first thing she does is gracefully accept the break-up and walk away with her head held high. This definitely angered Cedric, who never knew Aileen would move over so quickly.

Next, she pursued the demon lord, Cedric’s older brother Claude Jeanne Elmir for teaming up with her.

Who is Claude Jeanne Elmir?

Claude & Aileen talking

Prince Cedric’s older brother, Claude Jeanne Elmir is the former heir to the throne. Due to demon blood and magical powers, he was banished and seen as a threat to royalty. He was sent to a faraway castle and the reigns were passed to Cedric.

Although, Claude looks scary and powerful (he’s powerful no doubt), he’s distant from others and is stoic. Claude deeply cares about his subjects and they respect him as their leader.

After Claude’s involvement with Aileen, he started changing and became head over heels for her. Thanks to Aileen’s meddling, she discovered Keith’s betrayal and fixed it while rescuing Claude from turning into a demon.

Claude later entered into an engagement with Aileen and took over the throne after Cedric’s misdeeds were exposed, courtesy of Aileen, Keith, Beelzebub, and Isaac Lombard. Claude Jeane Elmir became the heir to the throne and created a non-aggression pact between demons and humans.

Who is Lilia Reinoise?

Aileen with Lilia & Cedric breaking the engagement
Aileen with Lilia & Cedric

The original protagonist of the Otome game is Lilia Reinoise. Lilia and Cedric became engaged and she even tried to frame Aileen. She is no protagonist, but the real villain controlling everything from shadow and making Selena Gilbert do her misdeeds.

Lilia Reinoise is just like Aileen who woke up in the game and had knowledge of the game. She tested Aileen and only considers everyone as game characters.

Lilia has no regard for their lives either. Ashtarte is none other than Lilia attacking everyone to pin the blame on demons and create chaos.

Why did Selena Gilbert cause trouble?

Aileen disguised as a boy

Selena Gilbert, another villainess in the making is an avid worshipper of Lilia Reinoise, Holy Sword Maiden. Lilia controlled Selena Gilbert to use demon incense to harm Claude and James Charles.

When Selena met Aileen, she was hostile towards her and even tried to harm Claude. Claude was suspicious of Selena from the start and later captured her after the fiasco.

What is Aileen plotting?

Aileen with people from Mische Academy
Aileen with people from Mische Academy

Things were going smoothly, protecting Claude and Keith Eigrid. Keith was selling demons in secret to help Claude. Thanks to Aileen’s meddling, the issue was resolved.

Claude became the crown prince and later they got engaged. Trouble started brewing when a demon named Ashtarte was attacking people in Mirchetta. Aileen went undercover to investigate Mische Academy in the Grand Duchy of Mirchetta. Aileen didn’t tell Claude and went to the school disguised as a boy with Isaac’s help.

Thankfully, Aileen was only scheming to protect Claude and in the process added more people into her harem including James Charles. She even made the species sent from the Church on her side. James Charles was the last boss of Regalia of Saints and the church sent Kyle Elford and Walt Lizanis to kill James Charles, without knowing his exact identity though.

Selena provoked Auguste Zelm, the knight to kill James, but thanks to Aileen, another crisis was averted.

Now that Aileen knows that Lilia is behind everything, things could get troublesome if Lilia tries to harm Claude.

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