What Makes Rem The Best Waifu?

What Makes Rem The Best Waifu?

The show begs the question out of every one of us, why did Subaru choose Emilia over Rem? Rem in every single aspect seems to be more suited to Subaru. The sheer cuteness to the more understanding nature of hers. Rem always has been the more waifu material amongst the two.

It has been a general consensus that Rem comes out on top whenever the two have been pitted against one another in a vote. Let us look deeper into the phenomenon of kawaii called Rem.

Rem is a cute little blue-haired girl who is in the service of Roswaal as a maid along with her elder sister Ram.

fan art of rem and her sister

She looks identical to her sister except for the colour of their hair. The two also are different from one another in account of their nature with Rem showing a more reserved nature.

Her nature of being shy has developed due to an incident in the past that involved her sister saving her. This is a major reason for her inferiority complex from her sister and her devotion towards her too, which impacts much of the show.

1. Warm Personality

main character with blue hair

When we first meet Rem, she comes off as a shy person who takes her time to adjust around people by judging and observing their actions. She eventually warms up to Subaru noticing his action, behaviour and dedication towards Emilia.

From here on begins their true relationship of friendship. Rem is someone Subaru can count on with eyes closed. The menial everyday tasks seemed easier to him whenever Rem was around.

Rem has a personality that brings out the best in people. Her amicable and appreciative nature makes people feel at ease whenever they are around her. The cute little smile that seems to scream - gambatte!! Or her playing a tsundere when in the vicinity of her sister towards Subaru.

Rem seems much like a character in real life. Her girl next door vibe are easy to fall for and she boy does she makes us fall in love with her throughout the show.

2. She Is More Understanding

rem holding subaru's hair

If you take all the girls in ReZero, Rem definitely takes the top spot for someone who shall understand you and stand by you through the toughest of times. Heck, she even chose to stay by Subaru’s side after he rejected her confession.

Once you get to know Rem, or rather she gets to know you, it becomes a much more enjoyable and joyful ride. Rem is the one who has been counted on from very early on.

When Subaru asks Rem and Ram about who is better at which activity, we get to see her ace at nearly everything. She excels from everyday menial tasks to tasks that need the expertise of a professional.

Her growth as a character is really something to be in awe of.

3. Rem Will Fight For You

character fighting with chains

For anyone who has watched the show, they will surely know about this one. Rem is a fighter. A fierce one at that. She might come off as someone who might be a little clumsy but piss her off, and you got a demon who will haunt you.

Ask Subaru, he seems to know pretty well about it. We always do love ourselves a badass character, if the badass character is someone who can charm you from her fighting prowess, she is highly impressive.

But what really holds out Rem is that she rather than using this power for her own use is more probable to use it for the people that she loves, which mostly includes Ram or Subaru.

The sheer goriness of the scene where she is killed again and again and still gets back to fight back for Subaru is gut-wrenching. The sheer loyalty and devotion by which she fights are one of the major reasons that I rate her as an amazing fighter.

Sometimes it's just more about the grit rather than the sheer brawn.

4. From Zero

a still from the episode from zero

One of the major reasons that everyone loves Rem is because of the episode From Zero. Other people apart, the episode hits really close to home for me, the way Rem consoles Subaru and picks him up from his abyss.

The way she tells Subaru that everything that he sees himself as a failure in, Rem sees him as a hero, for each one of that single thing. The shock in Subaru’s eyes, the impact of those words, everything is brilliantly executed.

Be it the character growth of Rem or the way she has opened up to the audience. While everyone else seems to Subaru as a whiny person, Rem shows empathy to see the anguish behind the cries of Subaru.

A person who sees you for what you are, is probably what every one of us is looking out for. The cutest little face, with the bluest eyes; Rem is and always will be a people’s favorite.

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