What’s Next For Kurapika & Hisoka In HxH Chapter 391?

What’s Next For Kurapika & Hisoka In HxH Chapter 391?

The current war for succession to the throne of the Kakin kingdom is getting heated up. As Dark Continent nears up in the travels, many questions arise. Where is Hisoka? With Spiders and Zodiacs being thrown in the mix, things have started to get interesting. What will be the next move for the crown princes with new Nen abilities coming into play. Will Kurapika finally learn about the Phantom Troupe being on the ship? If you are not up to date on the manga, stop right here, because the post ahead is full of spoilers!!

Chapter 390 Recap

Waiting long enough, and getting a grasp of his Nen beast ability, Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou, the third prince in line of succession, is finally making his move. Rather than waiting for his powers to manifest and continuing to worry about the future, he has decided to rely on his wits to win the crown. Interestingly the Coins, which are in all probability imbued with Nen, have grown in denominations. This may be a possible awakening for Hui Guo Rou’s powers, and the power keeps increasing as he becomes closer to being the king.

Tserriednich and his Nen Beast

With Hisoka not being on Deck 4 of Black Whale, the search for him goes to the home ground of the Heil-ly family on Deck 3. As Zakuro, Lynch and Hinrigh of the Cha-R family go on the lookout for Hisoka while in a state of war with the Heil-ly family. A small skirmish takes place where they get to know of the abilities used by the Heil-ly family’s underlings.

With the utter chaos spread by Morena and her Etude of Love. The "Etude of Love" allows Morena to give followers powers according to the number of people killed by them. The followers are already on counts of 20 and are on their way to soon gather up a body count of 100. When they finally reach this point they will become “Member Zero” and be able to create their communities (sounds like a pyramid scheme!!!).

This is going to bring utter chaos to the ship which is already proving to be quite a task to manage for the royal guards and Hunter Association. While Nobunaga and Phinks, having joined hands with Cha-R and Xi-Yu families, have agreed to take out Morena and her cult, in exchange for information about Hisoka.

What’s Next For Kurapika?

With the 2nd crown princess, Camilla, laying low at the moment, her own personal guard, whom she has handpicked from the levels of untouchables, have decided to take matters into their own hands. Their first target - the 14th prince, Woble, who is under the care of Kurapika.

As it has previously hinted throughout the manga and the show, how deadly of an ability can residual Nen be, Kurapika needs to be on the lookout. With the 3rd prince starting to take action, he may decide to change factions, to ensure his survival, in which case, the delicate balance existing between the lower princes may collapse and as Kurapika feared, the very people he had taught Nen, may use it against him.

Hisoka And His Whereabouts

Hisoka winking at other characters and giving a smile

The character who has deluded us the most throughout the whole Boat Succession Arc has been Hisoka. Where exactly has he been? Well, the chances are highly likely he may be in hiding, with the use of his bi-dimensional ability of "Bungee Gum" (which, just in case, it has both the properties of rubber and gum) may have changed the appearance of his face, which may be quite tough for the normal thugs to find. Even Chrollo has specifically asked people to be on the lookout for a man about 190 cm and has not described much about his physique.

He may also be in cahoots with Illumi while searching for opportunities to finish off the troupe members one by one. Illumi and Hisoka share quite an interesting relationship of give and take. It will not be new for Illumi to help Hisoka out while being with the spiders. Chrollo seems pretty furious though. The seemingly invincible Phantom Troupe has been losing members. In the conversation with Machi,

It is pretty evident that Chrollo is intent on finishing off Hisoka himself, again.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Chrollo can no longer use Neon’s Lovely GhostWriter ability. Is Neon dead or could it mean something more along the lines of Chrollo having to give up an ability from his book “Book hunter” or is it a Nen Curse? The Phantom Troupe is fighting on two fronts, finding Hisoka and going up against Morena. With the arrival to the dark continent (fake) nearing, it is high time that Hisoka turns up in a few chapters or so.

The knowledge of Spiders being on the ship is quite common. Most of the younger people are excited to meet them, whom they idolise as heroes. They are excited to get their autographs and have a chance to get a look at them. This news has also reached Mizaistom Nana, a Zodiac who is told by Illumi, who just lets it slip? Illumi may have an ulterior motive with his and Hisoka’s aim of bringing Kurapika and Zodiacs into the mix.

Mizaistom seems to be in two minds in regards to telling Kurapika, who already has his hands full with the security detail of prince Woble. This may turn out to be a game of cat and mouse with the Spiders hunting for Hisoka while Kurapika goes after them.

Crown Princes of Kakin

Going back to the actual succession the 4th prince, Tserriednich having gained a supreme nen ability to look 10 seconds ahead in time, and seems pretty confident in himself to win the competition after mastering Zetsu. Not only does he possesses a truly fearsome talent but he has awakened a Nen beast along with the already present Nen beast from the Urn Ceremony.

Tserriednich might turn out to be the biggest player in the whole arc. With him getting interested in Kurapika and the latter eager to get his brethren’s eyes back, this may very well be the showdown of the arc. Tserriednich is also in a very good relationship with the 9th prince Halkenburg.

The very same Halkenburg, who has awakened a nen ability whose very power could be felt across entire rooms on the 2nd Deck of the ship. During the first ceremony the 5th prince, Tubeppa also enters into an alliance with him, albeit a one-sided alliance. Possessing a keen intuition, and one of the more fearsome nen abilities, Tserriednich is set to take the centre stage in the upcoming chapters.

What About The Rest?

Ging and Parriston durinh the elections of the president

As the ship heads towards its destination, the arcs and volumes have not shown any whereabouts of Ging, Parriston or Beyond Netero. The big players are bound to turn up before the ship goes to Dark Continent, with various of the pawns already laid out by Parriston.

Gon still seems to be back with Mito-san and has shown no progress towards getting his Nen aura back. Killua too, at the moment, seems out of the picture for the duration of Boat Succession Arc.

When Will Chapter 391 Be Released?

Hunter x Hunter Poster

The hiatus has now lasted over 1000 days with no updates. Togashi has kept fans waiting and it seems like the wait will continue on even this year. Until the health of Togashi gets better, it is quite tough for the manga to continue. Let us just hope that the master creator gets to better health soon. Any updates will also have to wait till then.