Which Bojack Horseman Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Bojack Horseman Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

BoJack Horseman on Netflix is known for its dark-yet-relatable characters, despite the fact that the majority of them are animals.

Throughout the series, BoJack, Mr. Peanutbutter, Princess Carolyn, and others face difficult emotional situations while demonstrating important characteristics that correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The characters in BoJack Horseman represent twelve phases of energy from the astrological wheel, which many people can identify with.

Are you a dedicated Virgo like Princess Carolyn or a creative Pisces like Todd?

These are the zodiac signs of the characters in Bojack Horseman - and what zodiac sign is Bojack himself?

(Please keep in mind that all signs are based on personality attributes rather than canonical birthdays!)

Aries - Pickles Aplenty

Aries is an outspoken sign noted for their fiery and lively personality.

Pickles Aplenty, Mr Peanutbutter's exuberant girlfriend, embodies this endearing Aries trait and would make an excellent companion.

Although she does have some less charming fire sign features.

Pickles can be childish and gullible. Her genuine intentions, like any typical Aries, can be twisted by a lack of subtlety.

At Mr Peanutbutter's encouragement, she pursues her dream career with Joey Pogo, unaware of the beloved Labrador's genuine feelings.

Taurus - Hollyhock

People born under the sign of Taurus, like Hollyhock, are loyal, stubborn, and dependable.

They are good companions because they are patient and compassionate, preferring to express affection to their loved ones rather than giving them the cold shoulder.

Taurus, as a fixed earth sign, provides a grounding presence that others find comforting and reassuring.

Hollyhock has a similar effect on BoJack, encouraging her older brother Bojack to be more responsible.

Gemini - Paige Sinclair

Geminis are superb communicators, and no character in BoJack Horseman is more articulate than Paige Sinclair.

The daring reporter is a skilled linguist who is prone to gossip and rash behaviour.

Paige, like any real Gemini, adapts to her surroundings and is tenacious in her search for knowledge.

She enjoys conversing and can address issues from an intellectual standpoint, approaching things subjectively rather than emotionally.

Cancer - Charlotte Carson

Charlotte is a kind and protective matriarch who cares for everyone in her life.

In Season 2, her soothing presence comforts BoJack by encouraging him to be a better version of himself.

Cancers are the most nurturing zodiac sign, with strong familial bonds.

They are delicate individuals prone to moodiness who can be surprisingly frightening when enraged, as Charlotte reveals in Season 6 during her unnerving phone call to BoJack.

Leo - Mr Peanutbutter

Leos, like Mr Peanutbutter, are extremely charismatic and have no trouble attracting a huge number of admirers and acquaintances.

People flock to this fire sign like moths to a flame. Because of their charm, they frequently find themselves in positions of authority.

Leos are friendly people who put their heart and soul into whatever they do.

Mr. Peanutbutter's Leo-like demeanor helped him become the star of Mr. Peanutbutter's House because this sign is recognized for drawing opportunities with its dynamic energy.

Virgo - Princess Carolyn

Virgos are hard workers, and no one works harder in Hollywood than Princess Carolyn.

The ambitious agent-turned-manager supervises BoJack, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Todd's antics while also acting as a support system for the other characters.

Princess Carolyn, on the other hand, demonstrates Virgo-centric pessimism throughout her dedicated efforts.

She is unwaveringly committed to her career and prone to fits of perfectionism, just like those born under this sign, who are noted for their attention to detail and need for everything to be flawless.

Libra - Wanda Pierce

Libras, like BoJack's ex-girlfriend Wanda Pierce, are amiable, diplomatic, and gregarious.

Because of their balanced nature, they are naturally tranquil and passive.

This zodiac sign prefers to address problems through words rather than acts.

Libras have a peaceful presence that others find relaxing. Wanda had a similar effect on BoJack's life before to their final breakup.

Scorpio - BoJack Horseman

The title character of BoJack Horseman embodies various Scorpio traits.

The troubled horse can become obsessed with seemingly little situations.

And unconsciously replicates previous occurrences Scorpios, of course, have a reputation for being the most toxic sign of the zodiac (although, of course, this is often completely undeserved).

Scorpios are highly emotional because they are water signs.

They can be envious, secretive, and resentful, but they are also trustworthy, determined, and brave.

There is no other zodiac sign that would be a better match for Bojack Horseman.

Sagittarius - Sarah Lynn

Sagittarians are free spirits who despise responsibilities, which perfectly suits Sarah Lynn, the troubled teen phenomenon.

Sagittarians, like the former Horsin' Around star, are daring and unconstrained, yet their independence can come across as apathetic at times.

The Hollywood hierarchy twisted Sarah Lynn's youthful optimism, although she preserved many other Sagittarius characteristics.

She was brutally honest, and despite her lack of subtlety, she was not hesitant to speak her mind.

Capricorn - Gina Cazador

Gina is a Capricorn character that appears largely in Season 5 of BoJack Horseman.

The actress is dedicated and ambitious, but she is also pessimistic and resigned to her fate as a late bloomer.

Throughout her relationship with BoJack, she has a strong pessimistic attitude that reflects Capricorn's defeatist viewpoint.

Gina, like the earth sign, is a practical and intelligent individual with a solid sense of sensibility.

Aquarius - Diane Nguyen

Aquarius is a revolutionary zodiac sign that corresponds to Diane's humanistic outlook.

They are excellent at seeing the broad picture and can frequently identify what other people require before they know it themselves.

Diane is concerned about other people's well-being and has a strong political presence on the show. She is outspoken and contentious.

Diane, like many Aquarians, often feels alienated from the people she wishes to assist.

Pisces - Todd Chavez

Throughout BoJack Horseman, Todd embodies Pisces' inventive and compassionate vitality.

He embarks on endless escapades equipped only with his inventive intellect and attractive charisma, which many people find appealing.

Pisces, like Todd, escape into their imaginations and frequently use their skills to help others.

They are kind and compassionate water signs whose cheerful personality never fails to make people smile.

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