Who Betrayed Yuichi Katagiri & Friends?

Who Betrayed Yuichi Katagiri & Friends?

Things have taken a dark and twisted turn in the second game. Tomodachi Game anime shows the story of Katagiri Yuichi who is stuck in a weird controlled game with his four other friends.

They are forced to play the “Tomodachi Game” where dirty secrets are getting out. When trust is fragile, and everyone is getting panicked due to huge amounts of debt, who are shaking their friendship? Who is breaking their trust and backstabbing them?

The bigger question is who will betray Yuichi Katagiri & Friends and why? If they are all friends, shouldn’t they trust each other and win the game? Looks unlikely at this stage, where Yuichi Katagiri can barely trust anyone. Let’s find out who betrayed their friendship.

Kokkuri San’s Game

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Thanks to the instincts and gut feelings of Yuichi Katagiri, Shibe Makoto, Sawaragi Shiho, Mikasa Tenji and Kakorogi Yutori were able to clear the first round. Yuichi Katagiri broke the rules in Kokkuri San’s game to protect Kakorogi Yutori and somehow managed to manipulate everyone. This helped the gang win the clear and move to the next stage.

Entry of Manabu Sensei

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Looks like the second round of the game will begin and bring more tournament and chaos for Yuichi Katagiri and his friends. Initially, Yuichi Katagiri suspected Sawaragi Shiho but in a weird twist of turns, she ended up confessing her feelings to Yuichi.

Someone isn’t too happy with the confession. Actually, Shibe Makoto, Mikasa Tenji and Kakorogi Yutori will all be angry or dissatisfied with both Yuichi Katagiri and Sawaragi Shiho.

Mikasa Tenji has an open crush on Sawaragi Shiho. Similarly, Kakorogi Yutori secretly likes Yuichi Katagiri. This leaves Mikasa Tenji. How is he involved?

The Second Round - Bad Mouth Sugoroku

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As the friends advanced to the second stage, the host of the game, Manabu sensei explained Bad Mouth Sugoroku. The game is simple; badmouth your friends and win the game.

This is Tomodachi Game, so it won’t be complete without a twist. The winner of the game will get all the debt incurred by others. It’s time for exposing secrets. Very brutal. At this point, no one knows who’s exposing their secrets and silently betraying the group.

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There were several secrets like Sawaragi’s crush and the biggest one. Sawaragi and Mikasa used to date. Now we know how Mikasa Tenji fits in the game. Mikasa liked Sawargi, but it wasn’t mutual for them. Their engagement soon got dissolved.

It’s a pretty bad love triangle or a love pentagon?! The relationship chart is quite complicated. Yuichi doesn’t like anyone at least, so far nothing is hinted at. Sawaragi and Kakorogi both like Yuichi.

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Both Mikasa and Shibe like Sawaragi but we know this ship isn’t sailing. At this point, the most unlikely suspects are Mikasa, Shibe and Kakorogi. Another nasty secret got out.

Someone wrote on the card that Sawargi received plastic surgery. The worst secret of all was about Kakorogi who participated in compensated dating in middle school.

Who Betrayed Yuichi Katagiri & Friends?

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Kakorogi was furious because only Sawaragi knew this truth. She didn’t trust her and sought acceptance from Yuichi. The person who was thoughtless was Shibe who ran his mouth without considering the feelings of his friend.

The person mediating the situation was Mikasa who was strangely calm. Yet it wasn't surprising because Mikasa is known as a good tactician and negotiator. Maybe this is the reason, the culprit was in front of them but they never paid attention.

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The person who betrayed Yuichi Katagiri and his friends was none other than Mikasa Tenji. He was a jealous and borderline stalker.

Mikasa Tenji. Stole the money from Sawagiri’s locker and even gave her a bugged anti-theft alarm. The listening device helped Mikasa Tenji to listen to all the conversations Sawaragi ever had, including the one with Kakorogi.

This guy is seriously deranged. It’s sure and confirmed that Mikasa Tenji is obsessed with Sawaragi Shiho and wants her for himself. He would do anything to get her left out and become an outcast.

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