Who does Bomi End up with in Seasons of Blossom?

Do Seon Hui and Jaemin end up together? Who will Bomi choose?

Who does Bomi End up with in Seasons of Blossom?

Love blooms in every season; Love is so beautiful. Seasons of Blossom Webtoon is written by Hongduck and Art was developed by Nemone. Season One focuses on Yoon Bomi and her path to discovering love.

Yoon Bomi is friends with Kang Seon Hui and Lee Jaemin; together they have their secrets. Who is Lee Jaemin’s first love? Do Seon Hui and Jaemin end up together? Who does Yoon Bomi end up with?

What is Seasons of Blossom Season 1 | Bomi’s Flower Plot?

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Bomi, Seonhui & Jaemin

Seasons of Blossom Webtoon Season 1 focused on Bomi’s Flower. The main characters are Yoon Bomi, Kang Sung Hui, Lee Jaemin and Choi Jinyoung.

Bomi has a very closed personality; she doesn’t like upsetting others.

Her helpful nature almost makes her a “goody two shoes”. Being the perfect scorer and the topper of her school doesn’t make her life any easier.

Yoon Bom is best friends with Kang Seonhui who was with her since middle school.

After Bomi snapped because she didn’t want to go to a special school, she literally flipped the table and revolted against her mother.

The only person to support her through the ordeal was none other than Kang Seonhui.

Kang Seonhui and Lee Jaemin have known each other since they were kids.

Seon Hui had always liked Jaemin but due to their tragic past, she never bothered to bring her romantic feelings to light.

Due to casual meddling from Bomi’s classmates, Seonhui ended up saying she liked Jaemin.

Bomi, who wanted to escape the situation ended up making things more complicated by stating her unusual crush’s name.

One harmless lie was going to turn everyone’s life upside down.

Yoon Bomi blurted out that she liked Choi Jinyoung to escape everyone’s interest. Unknown to her, Choi Jinyoung heard the confession.

The people whose paths never even crossed until that day began taking an interest in each other only to be drawn close to each other.

Who is Bomi’s First Love?

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Before Bomi declared her love interest as Choi Jinyoung, she had feelings for Lee Jaemin. Both Jaemin and Bomi are popular and people ship those two together.

Jaemin even confessed his feelings to her only to be turned down.

Bomi was wary of Seonhui’s feelings and didn’t want to lose her best friend for a crush.

Although it’s sad, Bomi decided to let go of her feelings for Jaemin so Seonhui can be with him instead.

Unknown to both Seonhui and Jaemin, Bomi’s decision to hide her feelings and escape to Choi Jinyoung was a tough decision.

Bomi always put other people’s feelings over hers which made her become apathetic towards herself.

Who does Lee Jaemin like?

Lee Jaemin liked Kang Seonhui as a friend. Jaemin liked Bomi for a very long time. He even confessed his feelings to her but she turned him down.

When Bomi and Jinyoung started dating, Jaemin stepped away from their relationship and truly rooted for his friend.

Jaemin even started taking an interest in Jinyoung and genuinely liked him for his personality and even called him cool.

Do Seon Hui and Jaemin end up together?

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Jaemin, Seonhui & Bomi in Season 1

Kang Seonhui and Lee Jaemin have been childhood friends and couldn’t become anything else.

Seonhui still blamed herself because she thought if she didn’t ask Jaemin to stay with her, his elder brother Lee Hamin would still be alive.

Seonhui despite liking Jaemin decided not to take their relationship no more than friends. Even Jaemin didn’t see her more than friends.

The cute bickering and bantering between Jaemin and Seonhui are one of the healing aspects of Seasons of Blossom Webtoon.

Jaemin calls Seonhui as “Kang-tese”! Seonhui will move on from Jaemin too and they would still remain best friends.

Who does Beomi End up with?

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Jinyoung & Bomi

When Jinyoung heard the absurd confession, he was curious. Never in his wildest dreams did Jinyoung think that the most popular girl in school Yoon Bomi has a crush on him.

Slowly, their paths started colliding and Jinyoung started taking an interest in Bomi.

It was actually Jinyoung who suggested that Bomi and he started dating to convince Seonhui that she didn’t have feelings for Jaemin.

Bomi and Jinyiung started fake dating and the news came out as a shock to everyone including Jaemin and Seonhui.

Seonhui was never convinced that Bomi had feelings for Jinyoung.

Love is very unpredictable. Jinyoung truly fell in love with her.

It was the same for Bomi as well who didn’t even realise that she moved on from Jaemin and started liking Jinyoung to the point she was jealous of Seonhui when she started hanging out with Jinyoung.

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Seonhui, Bomi & Jinyoung

Jinyoung and Bomi broke up because Jinyoung was convinced that she liked Jaemin. After they broke up, Bomi realised her feelings towards Jinyoung were love.

Thankfully, it was a mutual love for both Jinyoung and Bomi. Bomi ended up with Jinyoung and she is still good friends with Jaemina and Seonhui.

Seasons of Blossom webtoon was adapted into a Kdrama, but the story was changed a bit. Do check out the drama and read the webtoon to know more.

Seasons of Blossom webtoon is over, so do check out all four seasons!

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