'Back to You' Webtoon | Who does Hayoung end up with?

'Back to You' Webtoon | Who does Hayoung end up with?

The time travel trend hasn’t quite died down and still makes quite a good story if someone can use the plot well. “Back to You” Webtoon created by Honey B (also known as “Just A Girl He Knows”) created the beautiful story of Hayoung. Hayoung, just like any other ordinary teenager never got over her first love.

What if life can give you a second chance? Will it be a life full of regrets? Or will it lead to the start of something new? Can the past be changed? Hayoung ended up in an accident with her blind date. The question is who will Hayoung end up with? Will Hayoung choose her first love? Can Hayoung save Jaehyun from his tragic fate? Who will Eunjae choose?

What is the plot of Back to You Webtoon?

The story revolves around three main characters. The female protagonist of the story Yoon Hayoung has been unable to move on from her first love. A love, or rather her secret crush that never came fulfilled because Hayoung lacked the courage to talk to him.

The guy Hayoung liked Lee Jaehyun ended up dying and her last memory of him was quite sad. Now 10 years later, a grown adult working in the publishing industry, Hayoung ended up going on a blind date set up by her middle school friend.

Yoon Hayoung unexpectedly met Min Eunjae who turned out to be her high school sunbae (senior). First impressions could be very important. Eunjae didn’t leave a very positive impression on Hayoung as she was dead set on not going through with the date.

Unknown to both of them, fate had very different plans. A drunken Hayoung stumbles across Eunjae who tried to escort her home. As they got onto the bus, the fates were soon to get changed. An accident led both Hayoung and Enjae 10 years in the past when both of them were still in high school.

It wasn’t just them but the bus driver Ahjusshi who went back in the past as well. Now, it’s upto the three of them to either change the past or keep everything as it is. They must find a way to get back to the present life.

What happened in the Past (10 years before Timeline?)

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Things weren’t so easy. In the future when Eunjae met Hayoung, he mentioned how his first love ended before he even came to realise it. Things were looking bright for both Hayoung and Eunjae to turn things around this time. Well, at least that’s what Hayoung thought. Eunjae was dead set on not changing everything and letting the past stay intact.

Who is Eunjae’s First Love?

One of the reasons why Eunjae doesn’t want to change anything is mostly because of his first love. Enjae’s first love is Minsoo, the girl next door. Minsoo confessed so many times but Eunjae rejected her every single time. Only after a long time passed did Eunjae realise that he was actually in love with Minsoo.

What happened to Jaehyun?

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Now that both Eunjae and Hayoung were in the past, it was time for drastic actions. As Hayoung started changing things, people around Jaehyun were changing as well. It started with Hayoung’s classmate and friend Choi Aran who was bullied and used by her so-called boyfriend Mingyu.

Thanks to Hayoung, Aran’s life changed and so did Jaehyun. Unfortunately, Jaehyun’s life was entangled with Jieun who resorted to emotional blackmail and manipulation, especially on rainy days.

Potential spoilers ahead. Feel free to skip spoiler content if you haven't caught up with the Webtoon!

What was Jaehyun and Jieun’s relationship?


Jieun’s mother ended up protecting Jaehyun from an accident when a bus collided. It was raining that day. The Bus driver Ahjusshi is actually Jieun’s dad. Neither of them had a good relationship. 

Feeling guilt, Jaehyun confessed how Jieun’s mother passed away. Jieun was driven by anger and hatred mixed with a toxic relationship to control and own Jaehyun. 

Even in the past, Jieun’s strong hatred didn’t allow Hayoung to muster the courage to approach Jaehyun.

How did the time travel work?

In the Back to You webtoon, physically they never went back in time. Only their consciousness travelled from the present to their past. The accident gave them the chance to change their past, present and future, and most importantly live a life free of regrets. Only when they let go of all their regrets, they can return back to the future.

Is Jaehyun Alive or Dead?

In the present timelines before the accident, Jaehyun is indeed dead. After the time travel, Jaehyun is actually alive. Hayoung confessed her feelings to Jaehyun and let go of all her past regrets. She bid goodbye to her first love. They went back in the future after they woke up from the coma.

Who did Hayoung end up with?

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Although the male lead is indeed Jaehyun, Hayoung ended her first love by confessing her feelings and letting him go. She went overseas to where her dad lived and didn’t meet until it was Minsoo’s wedding. 

Eunjae confessed his feelings when they were in the past but asked Hayoung not to answer. 

Hayoung assured Eunjae that she would reply if they go back to the present. Back to You ended with Hayoung accepting Eunjae’s confession and they ended up together. 

Jieun was married to someone else and even had a baby. Monsoon got married to her actual high school boyfriend Junghoon.

How did Back to You Webtoon end?

The Webtoon “Back to You” ended with Hayoung, Eunjae and Ahjussi discovering how they need to get over their regrets. Ahjussi made up with Jieun and she later let go of Jaehyun. So, no Jaehyun and Jieun never dated.

Jaehyun was also alive thanks to Hayoung who told her it was ok to not overcome the trauma. Due to this, on the supposed day of the accident, Jaehyun never took the bus and hence was alive.

Who is the Male Lead of the “Back to You” Webtoon?

According to the author Honey B, Jaehyun is the real male lead. The story is more than just a first love or time travel thing. Back to You focus more on the growth and development of Hayoung as a character and how she learnt to address the regrets she had in life.

"No matter how much time passes...the feelings you once had for someone...don't just Disappear". - Yoon Hayoung

“Back to You” Webtoon is an amazing story of growth, first love, sacrifice and how people overcame their past grief and trauma. Have fun binge-reading. Back to You has 116 chapters with 2 seasons.

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