Who Does Rudeus Greyrat Marry?

Who Does Rudeus Greyrat Marry?

Apart from its huge fan following all around, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has shown tremendous potential owing to vivid graphics and animation, a strong storyline, and engaging characters.

The show has a whole load of characters each one unique and exciting in its own way. Being a typical isekai, our protagonist that is, Rudeus Greyrat, does end up with a potential harem.

The show has glimpsed a little bit into his relationship with various characters in the series. Let us have a look at which one of these characters would Rudeus end up with eventually.

1. Sylphiette

sylphiette performig her magical spells

Sylphiette was the second woman outside his family that Rudeus interacted with. Reincarnated from his previous life, Rudeus was shy and used to be aloof due to the situations he had faced in his previous life.

Interacting with Sylphiette he met someone who was his age. Moreover, similar to him, she could not get very well with other people. This made the two of them grow closer naturally. They found solace in each other's company.

Rescuing Sylphiette from bullies, teaching her magic, Rudeus and Sylphiette share countless adventures whenever they are together and soon Sylphiette becomes a part of the family for the Greyrat household.

Rudeus and Sylphiette lying in the grass with a spell book

Sylphiette for Rudeus is someone who loves him, understands him, and supports him fully. After reconnecting back in the magic school, in which they both enrol together, Sylphiette and Rudeus slowly fall in love and eventually marry. Rudeus often refers to her as the Goddess of Love.

2. Roxy Migurdia

roxy wearing a hat

Roxy Migurdia is an extraordinary mage from the Migurd Tribe. She is first introduced to us as Rudeus’s tutor. Roxy has a headstrong personality who believes in herself and her capacity as a magic tutor.

Also, she is quite old, but being from the race of Migurds she does not appear to age much. She is also the first goddess in Rudeus’s religion and is fondly called the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudeus.

She is the one who shapes Rudeus and his introduction to the world of magic. Roxy much through his early life served him as the role of a guide. Teaching him about various races, new spells, and controlling his mana capacity.

It is also to the credit of Roxy, that Rudeus breaks out of his shell and learns to interact with people from the outside world and this is how he eventually meets his first wife Sylphiette.

After he begins his life as an adventurer, Rudeus eventually meets up with Roxy as he rescues her from a labyrinth. With their meeting, the old connection rekindles again and soon the two of them get married.

Sylphiette at first is a little jealous of Roxy as she is not able to help Rudeus as actively as her but the two of them bond over well with Roxy being accepted and welcomed by her into the family eventually.

3. Eris Boreas Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus’s final love interest is the one people ship him the most with i.e Eris. Rudeus meets Eris for the first time as her teacher. He is appointed as someone who is to teach her magic, maths, and language.

The two of them bond over time, with Eris, always competing to be on equal ground with Rudeus, She is never able to grasp her head around accepting Rudeus as her teacher because of how similar they are in age.

The two grow stronger during their time together. Her intense fighting spirit leads Eris to become Rudeus’s third goddess in the form of Goddess of War.

When the two of them are separated from their world and people due to the Mana calamity, they eventually grow closer, going through great difficulties and fights together.

At the supposed end of their journey, the two bond with each other but soon Eris leaves him behind. This plunges Rudeus into a pitfall of despair.

Years later, when they meet again, Rudeus and Eris again reignite their love for each other. The two always have had a passion for each other and now that Eris considers himself s an equal of Rudeus, the two of a tie the knot soon after.

Thus Rudeus in this reincarnated life of his ends up marrying three of his Goddesses. The three of them signify a different aspect of Rudeus and helped him through different phases of his life, eventually all ending up together in the happy Greyrat household.

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