Who is Ri Shin’s love interest?

Who is Ri Shin’s love interest?

The kingdom is an adaptation of a manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The storyline is about the Warring States period in China. Xin and Piao are shown to be two orphans who were working as poor servants in the kingdom of Qin!

It is seen that they do their training days as they aim to become “Great Generals of the Heavens”. One of the most famous characters in this series is Ri Shin. Though this anime is about war and fights, this story has a Loveangle too! What do you think with whom Ri Shin would fall in love?

Origins Of Ri shin

character holding a sword
"I will not lose. I...will not shatter. Because I am...Ei Sei's...The King Who Will Unify This Lands...Unbreakable Sword!! And I...I am...A man who will become a Great General of the Heavens!!"

Ri Shin, also known as Shin, is the main protagonist of the anime series. He is now the general leader of Qin. At the very beginning, he was a war orphan working as a servant under the leadership of Qin.

It is shown in the anime series that shin used to dream of becoming the Great general of the heavens and used to train himself and work hard!

It is shown that Shin became the general underneath Hyou (Hyou is a servant and Shin's adoptive brother) He played a role in Shin's life as he was the one who inspired him to take up the sword and gave him the motivation that if he worked this way every day, he would be very close to his goals!

When Hyou died, we saw that Shin met the 31st king of the state of Qin, Ei Sei, who also changed him for the better! Until here, we noticed that he was keen and interested in achieving his dream of becoming a general!

But there is a soft side to him too. We saw his character changing from the Keiyou Campaign Arc when he met the love of his life but wasn't aware of this fact yet!

Who is Kyou Kai?

kyou staring at the readers
"O ancient darkness...primordial flame, what is it that lies...within your eyes? O bright light that splits the Heavens, rumbling tremors that shake the Earth, what pulse beats...within your ears? Man walks adrift, a vessel of the Earth. I dance for thee, O God of Lightning! Ah...Ryoku Sui...Let blood boil over!"

Kyou Kai is known to be a member of the Hi Shin army and also a 5000- Man Commander. She is a former member of the Shiyuu clan. Though it is told in the manga series that she left the clan when she was 13 years old.

After this, she was determined to avenge the death of her sister. Her sister, Kyou Shoy was killed in a ritual by Yuu Ren. When her sister died only Shin was by her side. And as you all know because of shin she was able to overcome her emotions for her sister.

When did they first meet?

In the manga series, we saw that when Kyou Kai left her clan, that was the moment she met Shin during Hyou’s campaign against the state of Wei. At that moment, Shin was looking for a Go unit to join the army.

The bond between Ri shin and Kyou kai

ri holding the hands of kyou in the manga

In the anime series, we saw a time when Kyou was lost and depressed because of her sister’s death, and this was when Shin came as a positive person, or we can say light in her darkness.

This was when he helped her through the pain and gave her a place called home, and he was with her when she had nothing left.

He is very caring towards her, and Kyou reciprocates his feelings as she is shown to be highly loyal and would do anything to save shin from any hardships that come his way! She also helps him achieve his dream of uniting China.

In one of the episodes, she says to Shin that she wants to have his child, to which he says that he won’t mind.

When did Kyou Kai confess?

In chapter 670 of the manga series, we see Kyou Kai confess her feelings to Shin. And it's also shown that he had feelings for her. He never said this, but you all know actions speak louder than words!