Who is Yukito Tsukishiro in love with?

Who is Yukito Tsukishiro in love with?

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most popular Clamp manga turned anime that fans might be familiar with. One of the characters, Yukito Tsukishiro or Yue, was one of the best characters in the series.

Yukito Tsukishiro and Yue had opposite contrasts but there was one thing common with them, they both cared about Sakura and Touya a lot.

Yukito Tsukishiro is a high school student, same as Touya, whereas Yue is the second guardian of the Clow Cards and judge of the final judgment who assesses candidates fit to become the next owner of the Clow Cards. Yukito shares a special connection with Touya and Sakura and the same goes for Yue.

Are Yue and Yukito the same?

For fans who might be new or feeling confused, Yue and Yukito are the same people. At the beginning of the series, Yue was aware of his counterpart, the human, Yukito, but Yukito was unaware of Yue. Yukito and Yue have completely different personalities.

Yue is the guardian of the moon, he is cold, aloof, and socially distant from everyone. He is stoic and antisocial and doesn’t depend on food for gaining energy.

His energy is retrieved from Clow Reed’s magic and later his new master, Sakura. As Sakura was young and wasn’t able to harness her magical powers, Yue/Yukito was almost about to disappear.

Touya has always been able to sense and feel Yue and when things became distressed, Touya gave up his powers to Yue to protect Yukito and Yue from disappearing. Yukito Tsukishiro eats a lot to make up for his dual life and maintain his human form.

Is Yukito a human?

Yukito Tsukishiro is the alter ego of Yue. Yukito is human and Yue is the guardian of the Clow Cards. They have a duel life, and after receiving magical energy from Touya, Yue becomes aware of his alter ego, Yue.

Yukito starts doubting himself and his memories, but Touya assures him that he is very real.

Does Yukito know Yue?

Initially, no, he wasn’t aware of Yue. As Yue is the guardian and judge, he remained hidden and unaware. Yue makes his appearance in the final judgment, and Yukito still remains unaware.

Later, towards the end of the series, Yukito Tsukishiro becomes aware of Yue and acknowledges his alter ego.

Is Yukito in love with Sakura?

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Sakura had a crush on Yukito, and she even confessed to him. Yukito politely turned down Sakura and even told her that he sees Sakura as family and his little sister. Yukito likes her only as a family.

He confessed to Sakura that Touya is his number 1, although he had doubts about what Touya thought of him. Sakura wasn’t surprised and even assured Yukito, that Touya thinks the same.

Initially, Clow Reed had assumed and expected that Yue will fall in love with Sakura, but Sakura and Syaoran fall in love. As for Yue, he probably liked Clow Reed and acknowledged him as his master.

Who is Yukito in love with?

Yukito has expressed his feelings for Touya to Sakura. He called Touya his number 1 and wouldn’t like it if he was in danger. He was sad and grieving because Toouya gave up his power to save him and Yue.

He started to doubt his existence, but Touya assured him that he was real and that he won’t let anything happen to him. Yukito and Touya are not only best friends, but they share mutual feelings for each other.

In the Clamp universe, they always appear together, and it’s Clamp’s way of saying Yukito and Touya are real, accept it or not.

Yukito Tsukishiro is a character who can’t help but love and care about. He’s simple, joyful, cheerful, and cares about Touya and Sakura. He enjoys eating and is a very kind-hearted soul. Touya often bullies and teases Sakura, but Yukito advises Touya against it.

Yukito was very sad when Touya lost his powers, as Touya became weaker and lacked energy. He became worried about Touya and felt helpless. Yue, his alter ego was once only loyal to Clow Reed. But later, he acknowledges Sakura as her true master and wishes her well.

Toya and Yukito are together in the Cardcaptor New Season: The Clear Card Arc. It was never implied on-screen but they have acknowledged their feelings and it is very subtle but obvious.

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