Why did Doumeki Describe Yashiro as a Beautiful Person?

Why did Doumeki Describe Yashiro as a Beautiful Person?

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai or Twittering Birds Never Fly is an ongoing Yaoi (BL) Manga created by Kou Yoneda. The series was developed into a movie titled “Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai The Clouds Gather” (English Title: Twittering Birds Never Fly ) which was released in 2020.

The main protagonist of the series is Yashirou and Doumeki Chikara who met as an employer (Yakuza) and his bodyguard. When Kageyama Kanji and Kuga Eishin asked Doumeki Chikara what he thought of Yashirou, Doumeki described Yashirou as a “Beautiful Person”.

When Yashiro asked Doumeki to share two secrets, Doumeki replied that he thought “Yashirou was a beautiful person” from the very first time he met him. Doumeki described Yashiro as “Kind, strong and beautiful.

The choice of words by Doumeki is quite strange and perplexing, especially since he never really knew Doumeki.

Even more so because, Doumeki isn’t gay nor was he simply attracted to Yashiro since the beginning. Doumeki saw something in Yashiro that others clearly failed to see.

Caution warning: The post is created to discuss the story of Yashirou and Doumeki Chikara. The series is a Yaoi/BL. This is a mature post with the very strong language used. Kindly refrain from reading if you do not read/enjoy BL/Yaoi series. 

When Doumeki Met Yashiro?

Doumeki Chikara joined the company which was actually a front for the Yakuza. The gang Shinsekai was led by Yashiro who was under the group of Doushinkai.

Yashiro became Doumeki's boss (Kashira). Ever since the first time Doumeki saw Yashiro, his first thought was that this person (Yashiro) is a beautiful person. What attracted Doumeki to Yashiro? Why was Doumeki willing to go so far for his (Yashiro's) sake?

It's actually ironic because most people in the Yakuza whether his underlings, superiors or other factions, don't see Yashiro as one of them. Rather than being beautiful, people around him see him with contempt and belittle Yashiro every chance they get.

Yashiro is quite a different character in the series. His thoughts are quite difficult to read. He had his tragic backstory but he never let his circumstances define him and left himself at the mercy of the pity of other people. Unfortunately for Yashiro, his childhood traumatic experience made him the way he is.


Yashiro was sexually abused as a child by his father which completely changed his life. He became hypersexual and others perceive Yashiro as a perverted masochist. Yashiro enjoys sadomasochistic relationships with the people around him.

It would be weird to call them relationships, as Yashiro never engages with others other than in a physical relationship or for sexual pleasure. There is no love or emotions involved. Yashiro would never let anyone embrace him and felt almost empty. In a conversation, Yashiro describes himself as a sex addict and he can’t live without it.

What do the Yakuza think of Yashiro?


Some of the gang people view Yashiro in a negative light. They use pretty derogatory terms to describe Yashiro. When Yashiro met Doumeki for the first time, he straightaway asked him about the rumours that he heard of him.

Doumeki being a calm and composed person, a truly honest guy without any fear actually described everything he heard about Yashiro. It's very uncommon and unlikely for yakuza to be gay or act like "the slut" as people describe Yashiro.

Being gay isn't wrong or something offensive, however, the people in the Yakuza definitely don't treat Yashiro with the respect that he deserves. In so many ways more than others, Yashiro is not only beautiful but actually a kind person.

Although he can be quite eccentric and flamboyant with his lifestyle, there's more than meets the eye. It’s true that Yashiro maintains a physical relationship with people of significance or power, like Ryuuzaki for gaining intel or to humouring himself with causal carnal pleasures. He never gave any serious thought to it.

Yashiro does lead a promiscuous life without being discreet about his lifestyle choices, but that doesn't really concern him at all. He's indiscriminate when choosing his outlet for sexual frustrations but there are many things that make him different.

Yashiro wouldn't do anything with someone he truly loves, as if that's his way of justifying the denial of love or relationship. Yet at the same time, he doesn't want to tarnish the concept of love or hurt the person he truly cares for or loves.

It's one of the reasons Yashiro doesn't want to embrace Doumeki or his high school friend (Kageyama). Yashiro was in love with him for over a decade but never really opened up about his feelings. His non-caring attitude and the act of a typical yakuza version of corporate asswipe don't make it easy either.

Despite knowing and observing everything, Doumeki is convinced that Yashiro is a beautiful person, someone he truly admires and respects. Doumeki's sincerity is what Yashiro cannot deny, and this is something he's trying to keep at bay.

Why is Yashiro different?

Yashiro talking with Doumeki's sister

Yashiro is a non-committed person who doesn't like getting entangled with people. Yet it's strange how he helped Doumeki and his sister clear the situation. Yashiro could have chosen to do nothing, yet he helped Doumeki.

At first, it felt like Yashiro was almost jealous of Doumeki because he had something he treasures in life. Yashiro suffered a lot despite being abused in childhood and later at the hands of the yakuza.

At one point, even Yashiro couldn't value himself. Anyone dealing with such an ordeal can not only become twisted and jaded, but they can also lose themselves. Others view Yashiro as someone dirty or someone who can be defiled, almost of no value.

The yakuza subordinates went as far as to call him an “Executive's public toilet”. This pretty much implies that people view Yashiro as a slut or someone who does anything to please the people in authority by giving up his dignity.

Yashiro can be self-centred and his self-containment was a self-defence mechanism he developed as a child. Yashiro doesn't lack a brain, he just maintains a low profile portraying someone who isn't a threat in terms of power or succession.

Yet he's the centre of people's attention as they want to possess him if not destroy him. It's almost ironic and quite debatable if they find Yashiro disgusting or a loose cannon, why they humour him is a mystery. Is Yashiro's seduction skills so on point that he can turn anyone gay?

The thought that's more outrageous is that people view Yashiro as broken or dirty because of his activities or promiscuous life, yet at the same time wouldn't mind trying to sleep with him.

Only Doumeki is one of the very few people who has never seen Yashiro in a negative light despite seeing him in disgraced and obscene situations. Yashiro has made multiple passes at him, yet is sternly rejected every time.

Doumeki doesn’t find Yashiro scary, dirty or a loose cannon, he actually admires him and views him in a very faithful way. His desire to be with him and protect Yashiro as his boss is truly commendable.

Does finding someone beautiful has anything to do with their personality or life choices? Doumeki sincerely respects him and admires him to the point where he willingly stepped into the world of Yakuza even after Yashiro cut him off for his own good.

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