Why did Nimaiya Kick out Ichigo?

Why did Nimaiya Kick out Ichigo?

The moment of truth is here, finally. In Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 10 “The Battle”, Kurosaki Ichigo failed to get his Asauchi chosen. Nimaiya mercilessly kicked out Ichigo while only Renji Abarai passed the test. Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen Episode 11 “Everything But the Rain” will pick up Ichigo’s quest for the truth about his lineage and family history.

After eons of pushing back the matter, the father and son will have the long dreaded conversation. During the battle with Aizen, Ichigo Kurosaki discovered the truth about his father, Isshin Kurosaki (Shiba).

Knowing Ichigo, he didn’t ask any questions to his father and let Isshin be ready when the time was right. After getting Kicked out of the Hoohden, a helpless Ichigo ends up in front of Ishhin’s clinic but doesn’t dare to go.

What answers will Ichigo Kurosaki find in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11? Now that Kurosaki Ichigo is back, what truth awaits him, especially about his mother, Masaki Kurosaki? Why did Nimaiya Kick out Ichigo? What was Isshin Shiba’s past? How did Isshin and Masaki meet?

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11 “Everything But the Rain”

Kurosaki Ichigo was back home in Karakura town but didn’t know what to do. Dejected, now that he was banished from Soul Society, Ichigo was feeling helpless as he could not fix Zangetsu.

Knowing the impending danger and Ichigo’s nature, he was hurt and lost not knowing what to do. Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s father found his son’s arrival only to find no traces of him.

As usual, Ichigo ran away rather than ask for help from his dad. Knowing nowhere to go, Ichigo ended up at his boss's place. Ichigo visits Ikumi Unagiya where he worked at odd jobs after losing his powers during the Fullbringer Arc.

Somehow feeling guilty for always escaping work, Ichigo apologises to Unagiya. Unagiya found Ichigo in a pitiful state and as soon as he’s out of the shower, throws a hot bun at him. It was nice to see Unagiya in the role of a mature adult, somewhat like an elder sister whom he can rely on.

The classic Unagiya headbutt was spot on. Some people never change and it was nice to see Ichigo have someone trustworthy and reliable adult in his life. Someone rang the doorbell, but Ikumi thought it was a prank.

Actually, it was Isshin Kurosaki but in his Soul Reaper form, so only Ichigo could see him. Ichigo’s face had a look of shock and horror seeing his father in the Shinigami get up. After all, they never really cleared up the air.

Finally, the father and son are ready to have some long-awaited talk. Ichigo thanked Ikumi and left without realising he left something behind.

Ikumi Unagiya found the substitute soul reaper badge and stopped out to give it back to Ichigo but he was long gone. Unagiya decided to give it back to him tomorrow. Something feels like she knew about Ichigo’s suffering but never really pried about it.

Why did Nimaiya Kick out Ichigo?

Oh Etsu Nimaiya commented why he kicked Ichigo Kurosaki go. Nimaiya disclosed to Abarai Renji that every Shinigami has an Asauchi, but Ichigo was the only one who never had it to begin with.

Even Zaraki Kenpachi had an Asauchi, but Ichigo didn’t which is why the training would have never worked. Ichigo needed to know his past and where he comes from. It’s already a miracle that Ichigo has come this far as a Shinigami without an Asauchi.

Nimaiya stressed that not a single Soul Reaper awakened the Zanpaktou on their own without processing the forged Asauchi by Nimaiya. This is why Ichigo needed to know about his soul before he can forge a relationship with an Asauchi to restore Zangetsu.

Ichigo and Isshin’s Talk

Knowing that Isshin picked Ichigo dressed in his Shinigami outfit, Ichigo asked whether he was aware of what was going on in Soul Society. Isshin confirmed that he was aware as Urahara Kisuke filled him in.

Isshin knew that Ichigo’s Zanpaktou was broken and Squad Zero’s appearance. Guess news reaches really fast. Isshin was blunt when he asked whether Ichigo was kicked out of Squad Zero’s place. Guess, that hit the mark.

Isshin was aware that Ichigo in his current state would not be able to fix his Zanpaktou. Ichigo barely knew anything, especially about his mom, Masaki Kurosaki.

It was disclosed by Yhwach that Ichigo has Quincy's powers and the obvious fact points out none other than his mom, from whom his source of power could come.

Isshin spoke to Ichigo that he was special and not any ordinary human being. Ichigo’s mother, Masaki Kurosaki was a Quincy.

What was Isshin Shiba’s past?

There’s the beginning of the flashback in Episode 11 “Everything But the Rain”. It was Isshin’s past when he was the Captain of Squad 10. A young Toshiro Hitsugaya was the “Third Seat” at that time and Rangiku Matsumoto was the Vice-Captain during Isshin’s term as a captain.

The three of them had a good relationship while Isshin had a playful, carefree and cheerful personality. Although, when it comes to business, Isshin Shiba was serious and knew what was at stake.

Isshin praised Toshiro and called him as next to become captain in line. Now it makes sense why Toshiro became the captain. Isshin knew about Toshiro’s capabilities.

A chummy Matsumoto and Toshiro show how far they go and even now they rely on each other due to their trust. It was funny to see a glutton Toshiro who ate Isshin’s Manju!

Toshiro mentioned the report of how Shinigami ended up dying due to some unknown reason. Based on the briefing by Toshiro, Isshin went to secretly investigate Naruki town.

The only problem was, it wasn’t in his jurisdiction. Rangiku tried to stop him but Toushiro knew that neither of them would be able to help their captain.

Who is Masaki Kurosaki

Masaki Kurosaki lost her parents and came from a long line of Etch Quincy (pure blood). Ryuken Ishida’s family (Uryu’s dad) took Masaki to their family for the purpose of creating pure blood Quincy through marriage.

Ryuken’s mother didn’t have a very positive opinion of Masaki’s free-spirited nature and was pretty condescending. Ryuken and Masaki were supposed to get married, but guess that didn’t happen.

How did Isshin and Masaki meet?

Isshin went to secretly investigate the case but little did he know how this will change his life. His encounter with the experimented hollow White took Isshin by surprise when he tried to use his Bankai.

White was made up from the dead soul reapers and seemed like an intelligent creature. Of course, the backstabbers Sosuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru and Tosen Kaname were behind White.

Even Isshin was hurt by the invisible betrayed captains who struck him down. It didn’t take long for Isshin to realise that someone was a traitor in Soul Society. An Injured Isshin was nearly losing when Masaki Kurosaki appeared.

Ryuken Ishida and Gemischt Quincy Kanae Katagiri wanted to stop Masaki from leaving but she was determined. Kanae Katagiri was Uryu’s mother so things make sense now.

Masaki was attacked by White and as she killed him, he tried to self-destruct. Thankfully, Isshin Shiba saved Kurosaki Masaki in time. Masaki healed Isshin’s wounds.

Meanwhile, the traitor gang was displeased with White’s result except for Aizen who was planning for the long win. They exchanged pleasantries and Isshin was happy despite knowing Masaki was a Quincy.

The scene that was surprising was Uryu Ishida's meeting with Jugram Haschwalth. This means Ishida’s betrayal is coming soon. Welp, Ishida will betray them in the end, but only temporarily. Team Uryu always!!!

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 12 “Everything But the Rain June Truth" reveals the truth behind everything and Ichigo will have some closure.

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