Why did Naruto take his Mother’s Name?

Why did Naruto take his Mother’s Name?

One of the longest-running and iconic Shounen series Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden focused on the guy who became the Hokage. That’s the abridged and precise version. Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist of the series is the child of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Usually, children take their father’s name (last name) in terms of different cultures (Japanese culture as well). It’s wondering and quite surprising why did Naruto take his Mother’s Name? Why was he named Uzumaki instead of Namikaze?

Naruto’s life could have been very different if he had become a Namikaze instead of Uzumaki, yet Naruto was named after her mother Kushina Uzumaki. The question is why?

It makes no sense why Naruto was named Uzumaki rather than Namikaze when his father was the fourth Hokage of Konoha. Let’s find out why?!

What is Naruto’s Lineage?

Naruto Uzumaki is Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki’s son. It’s not news to fans that both of Naruto’s parents have passed away.

Minato is the Fourth Hokage of Konoha who was recognised by the villagers and outside as one of the best leaders. His untimely demise was a loss in the Shinobi world and for Konoha.

It’s a fact for sure that Minato Namikaze was highly recognized and the truth is that he played a big role in sealing off the Nine-tailed fox, Kurama. It’s highly debatable that the villagers and others are unaware that Minato died trying to protect the village from the rampage of the angry Kurama.

On the other hand, Naruto’s mom, Kushina Uzumaki is from the famous Uzumaki clan. The Uzumaki clan always served as the human vessel for storing the nine-tailed fox.

pregnant kushina and minato

Kushina Uzumaki was brought to Konoha to serve as the second human vessel for the Jinchuuriki host. It’s hard to say that the villagers in Konoha might not be so clueless and unaware that the Fourth Hokage who was married to Kushina was pregnant.

Kushina was soon to give birth. Whether it's a plot hole or conveniently never addressed, Kushina gave birth to a newborn baby, Naruto.

Kushina and Minato both died trying to save the village from Kurama’s wrath, the undoing of Tobi.

The possible solution was to seal off Kurama into Naruto. Thus, Naruto became Naruto Uzumaki, the next human vessel, the Jinchuuriki, and harbored the Nine-Tailed beast.

Why is Naruto an Uzumaki and not Namikaze?

sixth hokege getting ready for fight

That’s a very interesting question. Naruto could have inherited his father’s last name to become Naruto Kamikaze. There are pros and cons.

The fact that the beloved Fourth Hokage died trying to save the village is a heroic but bitter truth. Can the villagers have accepted Naruto more if they knew he was Naruto Namikaze? It’s debatable. There are many reasons why Naruto was not given his father’s last name.

Firstly, being the Jinchuuriki and Kurama’s human host, the Akatsuki, and other evil people were already after Naruto’s life. It’s only thanks to the Third Hokage, that Naruto was safe.

first meeting of naruto and kushina

The issues began unfolding only after the Third Hokage’s (Hiruzen Sarutobi) death. It was clear that the higher officials, teachers, and closed circle knew Naruto’s identity as more than just a Jinchuuriki; he was the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikage’s son.

At the same time, the fourth Hokage’s successor and the sole living survivor was a ticking bomb that maybe the Third Hokage and others didn’t want to disclose for many reasons.

It’s even more concerning because the Uzumaki clan was famous for their special chakra. Moreover, the Uzumaki clan is always by default the human vessel for tailed beasts.

As Minato and Kushina sealed Kurama in baby Naruto’s body, by default, Naruto was destined to become an Uzumaki. It’s quite debatable if Naruto indeed was named Namikaze, would the villagers and others have viewed Naruto any differently?

a happy family

Would Naruto’s life have become smooth sailing? It’s hard to argue because no matter what, the villagers would always view Naruto as a cursed and loathed person because of the tailed beast inside him.

Even if Naruto became Naruto Namikze, things wouldn’t have been any different. In fact, this would make Naruto go berserk or depressed because his parents died and secondly, his father was the Fourth Hokage.

It would add more burden to Naruto’s future. Not even once in the early series, the Uzumaki clan was ever mentioned. So this means that perhaps it was a secret that the Uzumaki clan was the Jinchuuriki host.

Whether it’s intentional or symbolic, becoming Naruto Uzumaki was destined the moment the tailed beast was sealed inside Naruto.

Although Naruto’s identity is more than the Jinchuuriki, it feels almost like a sacred duty passed on to Naruto as the next successor from his mom, Kushina Uzumaki.

In fact, it is more befitting and apt for Naruto to adopt his mom’s last name and not his dad’s.

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