Why Did Zeref Kill Mavis Vermilion?

Why Did Zeref Kill Mavis Vermilion?

Fairy Tail is one of the most popular anime series out there. For people who are still not aware of who is Zeref and Mavis Vermilion in Fairy Tail, let's introduce the characters of Fairy Tail. Zeref may have been the most misunderstood character in the Fairy Tail series.

When Mavis Vermillion met Zeref, sparks flew instantly. However, no one knew what fate was awaiting Mavis Vermillion. Sadly, Mavis has to die at the hands of her one true love, Zeref. They were star-crossed lovers who weren't meant to be.

Who is Zeref?

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Zeref is considered one of the strongest and most evil mages of all time he possesses not only extremely dangerous and powerful magic but he also founded the Alvarez Empire.

Zeref is over a hundred years old but has an appearance of a young man and is related to Natsu Dragneel. Zeref is Immortal and he cannot die. He hopes that one day Natsu will kill him.

Zeref practiced dark magic and created many demons including END to create havoc. After many years have passed and when he lost Mavis Vermillion he isolated himself from society. He wants to die and atone for the sins that he committed.

Who is Mavis Vermilion?

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Juvia and Mavis

Mavis Vermilion was a kind person and had a cheerful disposition although she can be a bit reckless. The first Guild Master of Fairy Tail is a character that can be childish but when it comes to serious situations Mavis never hesitates to protect her Guild members. Mavis Vermillion founded Fairy Tail and is the first master of the guild.

She is quite powerful and is considered a tactician of the Fairy Tail Guild due to her exceptional skills in strategies during battle. Her calculations are usually on the spot but when it goes wrong she doesn't take it too well.

Despite her child-like appearance, she is quite old. When she met Zeref, she was still young. Mavis Vermillion used incomplete magic to save Yuri Dreyar which prevented her body from growing from that point onwards. Mavis also had a brutal past which is one of the reasons she is barefoot but that's another story to cover.

How did Zeref and Mavis Meet?

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While wandering around in X686 Zeref came across Mavis Vermilion. Anything Zeref comes in contact with dies. It happened once when he came across a forest robbing the life of the entire forest where everything withered. Mavis was watching Zeref and felt something towards him.

Zeref was surprised that Mavis had the knowledge of dark magic as she recognises it. Zeref felt happy when he talked with Mavis but was also worried that he might accidentally end up killing her. Although he never had such intentions.

Mavis caused an Illusion of wildlife which surprised Zeref. Zeref parted with Mavis after teaching them magic. However he secluded himself once again, but this time he was happy because he made friends.

Zeref was fond of Mavis. Six years later Zeref and Mavis crossed paths again. Zeref kept reminding Mavis of the curse and was worried that he might end up hurting her.

How did Mavis die?

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Despite several warnings that Zeref gave Mavis still ran to hug him and thank him for what he had done for them. Zeref revealed his true identity which did shock Mavis but she never believed in these rumors.

After a year when Zeref found Mavis, she was alone and starving. No matter what she did she would not die. Mavis begged Zeref to kill him. However, Zeref couldn't help her. He was aware that immortality is a curse and it almost drove him mad to the point he wanted to die but he couldn't do anything to help Mavis. Zeref wanted to meet his brother who was none other than Natsu Dragneel.

The Ultimate Contradiction

Zeref had always been lonely and missed his brother Natsu who he had brought back to life. However, they were separated and Zeref was traveling alone. He felt comfortable and happy when he was with Mavis.

Zeref, together with Mavis found solace that she was trying to understand him. They wanted to break the cause of the contradiction and Zeref started crying realizing that he was already in love with Mavis. Zeref kissed Mavis but that kiss proved to be deadly for Mavis. The Curse got activated and took Mavis’s life force while she was still in the arms of Zeref’s embrace.

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He did not plan to kill her but in a sense, Zeref did kill her. Zeref brought Mavis back to Magnolia trying to return her body. Although Zeref did love her, he treated her like he never cared about Mavis and referred to her as a “thing that did not move.”

It shows that Zeref was deeply hurt by his own actions and killed Mavs. He was the reason that Mavis was no longer alive or breathing. Although he did not kill Mavis Vermilion directly, indirectly Zeref caused her death.

Being with him stole her life which became the reason why she passed away. Zeref indirectly was responsible for killing Mavis and this is how the first founder of Fairy Tail ceased to exist.

This was just a painful tragedy of two people who were in love but couldn't be together. Zeref really found one true love with Mavis but at the same time, it was Ironic that he ended up killing her.

Even though it was not intentional love proved to be a deadly kiss for Mavis and it broke Zeref’s heart. Even in death, both Zeref and Mavis were still in love.

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