Why does Rak Wraithraiser call everyone a Turtle?

Why does Rak Wraithraiser call everyone a Turtle?

Rak Wraithraiser is one of my favorite characters from the webtoon- Tower of God. Rak in Tower of God makes the first appearance in the webtoon in the first chapter, where the famous question starts:

“What Do You Desire? Money And Wealth? Honor And Pride? Authority And Power? Revenge?Or Something That Transcends All These? Whatever You Desire…Is Here..- Tower Of God.”

Rak Wraithraiser is illustrated under “Something That Transcends All These”, which made this his motive to climb the tower.

Baam and Khun are close to Rak. He cherishes Baam and Khun and is climbing the tower with them. Of all the characters, Rak is most certainly underrated. he deserves a lot of credit and more attention. He is a character who can surprise you almost all the time!

Why does Rak call everyone a Turtle?

I was really happy with the anime adaptation. Seeing an animated Rak Wraithraiser was so pleasurable. Rak Wraithraiser, a descendant of a native one, is the self-proclaimed leader of the Turtles.

Khun Agero Agnis and Twenty-fifth Baam are Rak’s teammates. Because of his giant-size, Khun jokingly calls him an alligator or gator. Rak refers to Khun and Baam as Blue and Black turtles respectively. He thinks that he is superior to everyone and calls everyone turtles. He calls everyone a turtle and treats them as “prey” that he would hunt. It’s cute to see Rak name people as turtles and assign colors to the turtles.

He started out as an F-rank regular, currently, he is C-ranked and is a spear-bearer. I consider Rak to be a simple but loveable character. He doesn’t think much or use his head and is brash. Rak is always ready for a challenging fight.

A word of caution- this article contains possible spoilers!

How did Rak pass the test?

On the floor of the test, he encountered Anaak and her weapon the Green April. Rak expressed a strong desire to challenge Anaak and hunt her weapon. However, he felt a different presence, stronger than the Green April. He noticed the strong presence of Black March and met Baam who was in possession of it. Soon after he met Khun as well.

That scene was beautiful. In the door test, while Khun was carefully weighing his options, Rak had other plans. Rak got tired of waiting and kicked open a door. That scene gave everyone a heart attack. But it was cool to see Rak score a win for the team and even Yu Han Sung praised Rak and commented Khun and Baam passed because of Rak.

Initially, he treated Baam as prey but later he becomes very protective of him. Khun and Rak are wary of Rachel and don’t like how she tries to manipulate Baam. Rak’s fearless and no-bullshit attitude makes him the most likeable character in Tower of God.

On the floor of the test, second floor Rak met Baam and Khun. He was unwilling to join them. The nicknames he gives to everyone are cute and hilarious. Almost everyone is a turtle, only the colour varies. But Anaak Zahard is one of the exceptions, who Rak calls Lizard. Talk about fitting nicknames no!

Is Rak Wraithraiser strong?

rak meets baam for the first time

Rak is an expert spear bearer with high-quality Shinsu to make a stone shield. He can wield a spear at both close and long ranges and can hit targets from quite far away. With a strong hunting intuition and high Shinsu resistance, he can pierce and slice his targets.

Rak uses a red spear and is also in possession of Mad Shocker, an E-rank weapon created by the Workshop. He can easily shift forms at will as his huge size can be a bit inconvenient.

Rak Wraithraiser is an extremely strong and a very powerful character. He is prideful in nature but for a reason. His big size is not his weakness, and he can easily intimidate his enemies. He can revert back and forth and change his size, little Rak is so adorable.

His Relationships

Khun calls him an alligator/crocodile and Rak calls him a Blue turtle. Both of them feel possessive towards Baam. Neither of them won’t hesitates to fight everyone in the tower if they so much as hurt Baam’s hair. Baam treats Rak and Khun with high regard. Baam has previously said that he considers Rak and Khun “An unforgettable Happy Moment in life.”

Rak and Khun often engage in silly bickering but both of them are in unison when it comes to Baam. Rak’s transition from a preying hunter to a considerate teammate and friend who just wants to protect his friends is really admirable.

“I just wanted to be happy together. With you, and with the black turtle.”
-Rak Wraithraiser

Rak in the Tower of God shows genuine concern for Baam and Khun. that scene where Rak and Khun have a physical and verbal spat was funny and surprising. Given the context, Baam was very much alive and with fug.

Displeased with Khun that he hid this fact and kept him in the dark. Rak knocks him out quite literally as Khun was acting out of behavior. He declared that he will bring Baam back from Fug. It was a really heartfelt and emotional scene.

I have to admit that Rak’s straightforwardness really impresses me. Even though he is the self-proclaimed turtle leader, he is the ideal person and the key to holding the team.

There are so many moments in the ToG webtoon, that we simply fell in love with Rak Wraithraiser. He can quickly diffuse the situation and offers emotional support to both Baam and Khun.

My 2 cents

If I have to pick the ultimate scene that would be the time Rak brutally lashed out and gave Rachel his piece of mind. You can’t jerk with Rak. He doesn’t get angry easily, even though he gets emotional quickly. But if you make him lose his temper, you are done for. After they came out of the hidden floor and well classic Rachel messed up, Rak was raging with anger. I still feel goosebumps when he said these lines.

“I don’t know where you want to go, but if you want to leave, I’ll help you go. To HELL”

That was just so satisfying. Rak represented the frustration of the readers from the fandom. MVP to Rak most of the time.

A character like Rak in Tower of God is a delight for the readers. He is extremely strong and the series has often displayed his skills and strengths. He is always on par with his opponents. I enjoy the relationship dynamic of Rak Wraithraiser with Khun and Baam.