Why Is Baam Called The 25th?

Why Is Baam Called The 25th?

Twenty-Fifth Baam is the main protagonist in Tower of God. Baam is one of the strongest characters in Tower of God. He can actually beat Jahard or that’s what the fans hope. Who is Jyu Viole Grace? Let’s check out Baam in Tower of God and find out more about him. Spoiler Alert!!! Has a lot of spoilers so tread carefully.

Who Is Baam in The Tower of God?

Twenty-Fifth Baam is an irregular who opened the gate of the tower. No one really knows about Baam in the beginning, but much later in the series, we know about the true origins of Baam. He starts to climb the tower in search of Rachel but meets Khun, Rak, Yuri, and others in the process. Baam becomes friends with them and forms a strong team and heart-touching friendship.

Why is Baam Called The 25th?

Twenty-Fifth Baam’s name indicates the 25th day he was born. There are many theories floating around, but the only credible thing at this point is the day or date of his birth.

We need more information to know why he is Twenty-Fifth Baam. According to the webtoon, it was the day he was born. Some other parts of the webtoon say about his mom. There are many floating theories, so suit yourself!

Is Bam the Strongest In The Tower of God?

Twenty-Fifth Baam is extremely strong. Due to his powers or the powers from the thorn, it may be due to his lineage.

Baam at present is a C rank irregular who even fought with the data Zahard. He gave a tough fight to the data Zahard. Throughout the series, he is getting stronger and it’s possible for him to beat Zahard. Zahard knows that Baam is a potential threat, so he sent his trusted troops to take care of Baam.

Baam is getting stronger as the series is progressing. There’s no doubt that he can surpass most of the strongest characters in the series in due time. Baam’s evolution is fast and he is likely to face even stronger characters.

Does Baam Get Stronger in The Tower of God?

It’s ironic how Baam started out as the weakest character. But as the webtoon progressed, Baam evolved into a powerful character who has a high appeal in terms of strength and character. He will do anything to protect his friends. He gets stronger and right now he’s one of the strongest regulars despite the fact that he’s a C-ranker.

Is Baam Overpowered?

Baam has his own power plus the power from the thorn. Baam is highly overpowered and has good Shinsu control. But unlike Rachel, he worked off to improve his powers. He doesn’t overly rely on the thorn’s power and tries to improve his ability and learn.

Who Is Stronger? Baam Or White?

Baam and White didn’t face off directly, but it’s unlikely that Baam is weaker than White. Both of them are FUG’s slayer candidates due to a reason.

However, White is presently at his full powers so it’s hard to dismiss the fact that White is extremely powerful and strong. But this is Baam we are talking about. In due course, Baam had a fair share of powerful fights.

Is Baam High Ranker Level? Can Baam beat a High Ranker?

Presently, Baam is a C-level ranker. His powers are growing tremendously. He easily defeated Kaiser, who even Androssi couldn’t defeat. Baam can easily defeat high-rankers without breaking a sweat.

Can Baam kill Yama?

Baam is powerful enough to kill Yama. However, instead of killing him, he teams up with Yama. Yama was furious when Baam challenged him. Baam wanted to save Dengdeng and proposed to face off Yama. Poor Dengdeng though. We know how that went.

Baam tried his best to protect everyone, but it was beyond his control. Baam wakes up Yama which makes him furious. Because Karaka intervenes, Baam and Yama didn’t fight immediately.

Who is Baam’s Love Interest?

In Tower of God, even though there’s no romance, Baam practically has a harem. His harem consists of Yuri Jahard, Androssi Jahard, Kaiser, and maybe Khun.

There are other minor characters who express feelings directly or indirectly towards Baam. However, Baam doesn’t look interested in anyone. He goes on friend-zoning everyone! Good Job Baam!

Is Yuri in Love with Him?

Yuri Zahard has taken a lot of interest in Baam since the beginning. She even gave her Black March to him without any second thoughts. Yuri even went to rescue Baam & the company from the Hell Train.

Yuri hasn’t exactly expressed love towards Baam, but she definitely is infatuated with Baam. only time will tell how Yuri feels for Baam.

It was interesting to note that Yuri went to great lengths to protect Baam, by even betraying Zahard and helping them safely escape from the last station.

Is Androssi in Love with Baam?

Androssi has shown her love so many times. From the beginning, Androssi liked Twenty-Fifth Baam. Even in the name hunt station, she confessed to Baam that made him flustered. She never shies away to express her love for Baam and views Yuri Zahard her love rival. Androssi dislikes Rachel because she’s aware Baam deeply cares about Rachel or he used to.

Does Baam Die in the Tower of God?

Rachel pushed him off during the test. Everyone thought Baam was dead. But Khun was convinced that Baam was alive. Baam was dead only in name. The FUG rescued Baam and made him the slayer candidate.

Baam became Jyu Viole Grace. It’s interesting to note that Baam or Jyu Viole Grace’s father was V and mom was Arlene Grace. That explains the naming for Jyu Viole Grace.

Are Baam and Viole The Same Person?

After Rachel betrayed him, Twenty-Fifth Baam went with the FUG. He became Jyu Viole Grace and the FUG’s slayer candidate. To sum it up, Baam and Jyu Viole Grace are the same people.

Does Baam Kill Rachel?

As much as the fandom wants, will Twenty-Fifth Baam kill Rachel? Well, Baam and Rachel have a very complicated relationship. For Baam, Rachel is the most important person and he entered the tower in search of her. However, after Rachel hurts Khun, Baam is finally through her.

It was the most satisfying moment to see Bamm finally tell Rachel to get lost. Who knows, if Rachel continues to hurt Baan’s friends, he might finally snap and do the unthinkable to Rachel.

Does Baam & Khun Meet Again?

Baam was dead for some time (not literally). Everyone thought Baam was dead after the test all thanks to Rachel. Later Baam and Khun meet again as Jyu Viole Grace. It was an emotional moment to see Baam reunite with Khun and Rak.

Baam even tells the company to leave, but Khun feels reluctant to do so. Nevertheless, their reunion brings some tears to fans.

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