Why Is Elizabeth The Most Mysterious Character?

Why Is Elizabeth The Most Mysterious Character?

If you’re a die-hard fan of Ginama, surely you’ve heard of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is Katsura Kotaro’s Amanto pet in Gintama.

As the series progresses, Elizabeth is shown much more than Katsura’s pet. Elizabeth follows Katsura everywhere in Gintama.

They are closer to friends and comrades who are together thick and thin.

Elizabeth is fierce to loyal to Katsura Kotarou, which is one of the reasons why Elizabeth is such a unique and charming character.

In Gintama, Elizabeth is one of the most mysterious characters.

Tastuma Sakamoto gave Elizabeth as a present to Katsura. Elizabeth is an Amanto (alien) from a distant planet.

Elizabeth is shown as a giant white duck or a penguin.

Katsura’s righthand man is Elizabeth who is also part of the Joui Rebels. After Katsura, Elizabeth holds the highest position in the Joui Rebel group.

Elizabeth is a very mysterious character who has never spoken.

Elizabeth communicates using whiteboards using texts (placards), however, how the texts are written isn’t shown.

Katsura dotes on Elizabeth and they are together almost always. Elizabeth’s placards are funny and hilarious sometimes.

In running gaps of Gintama, it is often expressed that the guy inside Elizabeth is the director.

In one of the episodes of Gintama, Elizabeth was shown with manly hairy legs.

Is Elizabeth a man in Gintama?

Elizabeth in Gintama is pretty ambiguous. But Elizabeth is most likely a male gender. There are two Elizabeths in the show.

One of them is Eren, the captain of Renho who serves Katsura on the Monday shift.

The other Elizabeth is Dragonia, one of the Oukoku princes and brothers of Prince Hata and Barkas.

So Elizabeth is not a man but his gender is male in Gintama.

man hugging a penguin
Zura with Russian Elizabeth

Elizabeth is inseparable from Katsura or Zura. it might seem like Elizabeth is Zura’s sidekick, but it’s more than that.

In the Ginatam series, there’s even a Russian Elizabeth who accompanied Zura.

Elizabeth was originally kidnapped and turned into Renho. He becomes General Eren and comes to Earth to collect intel.

The Renho race is a group of mercenaries who plan to invade Earth.

Like Eren, there are several Renho Amantos who were part of covert operations and sent to Earth to collect intel.

man and his friend watching tv

Elizabeth and Zura watch TV together, and he would reenact the commercial songs.

They play Uno together and Elizabeth is really good at it; although he lets Zura win sometimes.

The Dragonia Elizabeth accompanies Zura from Tuesday to Saturday.

It was later confirmed that Dragonia Elizabeth was in the Benizakura arc.

Elizabeth has a senpai relationship with Shimura Shinpachi. During the Benizakura arc, they grew close, and he developed a respect for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is one of the important characters in Gintama.

In the Benizakura arc when Katsura was presumed dead, Elizabeth went to Yorozuya to ask for help.

Elizabeth was sure that Katsura will return.

When everyone was busy fighting against Kihetai, Elizabeth rallied the Joui rebels and attacked Kihetai along with Shinpachi and Kagura.

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Multiple Elizabeths in The Renho Arc

In the Renho arc, Eren Elizabeth betrayed Dark Vader for Katsura and his love for Earth. He felt guilty for betraying Katsura.

Elizabeth is a master of disguise and is shown in different cosplays or dresses like Super Mario, a goalkeeper, Santa Claus, a fake Takasugi, and others.

Elizabeth doesn’t get along with Sadaharu and is often at each other’s throats.

Does Elizabeth Love Katsura?

Elizabeth is fiercely loyal to Katsura. Elizabeth has played an active role in saving Katsura on several occasions.

Katsura and Elizabeth have a strong friendship and camaraderie.

Elizabeth and Katsura don’t have any romantic relationship, but they care about each other.

When Elizabeth was captured, Katsura was worried and willingly went to rescue him.

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