Why Is Gintama So Good? Praiseworthy Antagonists?

Why Is Gintama So Good? Praiseworthy Antagonists?

Gintama is one of the longest-running Shonen manga and anime series. Sorachi Hideaki created Gintama in 2003.

In 2021, Gintama ended its 15-year run with an incredible final movie.

Gintama continues to rule the hearts of people worldwide.

Gintama is a light hearted series set in the Edo period, where swords are banned. Japan is under the Amanto’s (aliens) rule.

Amanto and Earth people peacefully coexist. Gintama is the funniest anime that everyone will like.

The series has so many seasons that fans can choose from.

Is Gintama Really Funny?

The central protagonist Sataka Gintoki is a skilled samurai.

Gintoki founded Yorozuya and does odd jobs at the request of people.

Later Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura join Gintoki at Yorozuya. Thus began the journey of Yorozuya members.

Is Gintama worth watching? The answer is definitely! Gintama is a light-hearted series and is also quite entertaining.

The anime parodies popular media like Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. But that’s not the only reason that makes Gintama so appealing.

I like the character backstories, dark humor, and the subtle hints of future plots.

The occasional sass from Gintoki, Kagura, and Okita adds humor.

There are many perverted moments that might be a little turn-off, but they can be forgiven because of the plot and the sarcasm.

To sum it up, yes this series is a light-hearted series.

It’s the funniest anime you can ever find and all the seasons are equally compelling.

Why Is Gintama So Good?

The first two episodes of the anime are fillers, that do not have a direct impact on the story, but I’ll suggest watching that.

The action scenes are lit and kudos to the character development of all the characters.

Whether it’s a main or a minor character, the characters are well-built, and directly contribute to the story.

The gags are on point and the parodies are carefully crafted.

I’m surprised how they got away without any copyright strikes! Gintama is the funniest anime and everyone can enjoy watching it.

The series makes you laugh to the point you cry.

The Dynamic Range of Characters

I find the Gintama characters colorful and larger than life. I enjoy the Yorozuya trio, their friendship, and their strong bond.

They will do anything to protect each other. Yorozuya is the definition of family.

Gintoki and Kagura’s occasional lethargic and relaxed attitude well matches Shinpachi’s hard-working and serious personality.

Gintoki’s sadistic, serious attitude with comedic timing makes it hard not to laugh even during some of the serious situations.

Sadaharu, picked up by Kagura is also a part of Yorozuya.

As the main character, Gintoki is different from the rest of them in the shonen universe.

He rarely gets serious, but when he does, it’s time to run for your life.

Praiseworthy Antagonists!

men fighting the enemies

Seldom do I see a series, where the villains truly earn my respect.

Gintama is one such series, where I’ve come to like even the antagonists from the different arcs.

The characters are not just black and white. They have tons of shades.

Shinsuke Takasugi is Kihetai’s leader. Bansai, vice-chief of Kihetai, Takechi, the brain of Kihetai and the alleged feminist supporter along with Matako, “the red-bullet” who is notorious for being violent.

I enjoy the screen-time of Katsura Kotaro, also known as Zura.

He is an acquaintance of Gintoki.

Zura looks like an airhead and seems very gullible.

He has an amanto partner Elizabeth, and they are occasionally chased by the Shinsengumi.

I remember the classic Joui rap, it’s a must-watch. Zura can put other rappers to shame! And how can I forget Zurako!

Zurako can single-handedly defeat all the female characters in the series when it comes to true beauty!!!!

Shinsengumi chief, Kondo Isao, vice-commander Hijikata Toushirou, 1st captain leader Okita Shogou, and Yamazaki often get intertwined with Yorozuya.

I really enjoy Okita and Gintoki’s interaction. Both of them are pure sadists. Okita openly enjoys tormenting Hijikata.

Kondo‘s stalker-like behavior towards Otae is excusable to a certain extent.

Otae, Shimura’s sister is no joke when it comes to brute strength.

The classic love triangle between Kondo-Otae-Yagyuu Kyuubei is hilarious to watch.

When it comes to characters, we cannot forget the Shogun.

The Shogun’s character still left some gaping holes.

He’s the most mysterious but masochistic character.

Story flow?

Gintama doesn’t have many serious arcs but the serious ones are heavy and dark.

The balance of comedy and action is absolutely praiseworthy.

The story flow with the heavily packed action scene with good music is an absolute delight.

The arcs are flawless. I don’t think I can pick a favorite arc as I love them equally.

Is Gintama worth watching? Will you like it?

Gintama has 10 seasons- a total of 367 episodes, 3 movies, and even live-action movies. 

Don’t let the numbers discourage you.

If you’re still wondering whether to watch Gintama or not, try watching it.

If the first 10 episodes didn’t compel you to watch it, then maybe it’s not for you.


This is a light hearted series that anyone can enjoy.

It’s the most funniest anime ever.

All the seasons are really funny.

This is why Gintama is the best and the most funniest anime!

Gintama is a legendary anime that everyone can enjoy.

It has the least amount of filler episodes compared to other series.

Gintama is totally worth a watch!