Why is Mirajane Strauss No Longer an S-Class Wizard in Fairy Tail?

Why is Mirajane Strauss No Longer an S-Class Wizard in Fairy Tail?

Mirajane Strauss is one of the most decent characters in the Fairy Tail series.

She is the definition of calm, nice, and genuinely concerned about everyone.

Mirajane Strauss works as a model for the magazine.

In Fairy Tail, Mirajane is known as “The Demon” when she was young.

Mirajane Strauss was an S-Class Wizard in Fairy Tail and she is regarded as one of the most powerful wizards in the guild.

If Mirajane Strauss is so powerful then why is she no longer an S-Class Wizard in Fairy Tail? What happened with Mirajane?

Mirajane’s Early Days

siblings talking and smiling as they explore maps
Mirajane Strauss with her siblings Lisana and Elfman

It’s hard not to notice Mirajane Strauss in Fairy Tail.

She is not just some background character and had a lot of potential as one of the best wizards in Magnolia.

Since the early days, Mirajane had earned the nickname of “The Devil”.

She is feared and respected by everyone and even enemies have recognized her power.

Mirajane Strauss has two siblings, Elfman and Lisanna who are together in the Fairy Tail Guild.

Mirajane was a wild and carefree wizard who was powerful enough to incite fear into enemies, criminals, and other guild wizards.

She had a bad temper and foul-mouthed everyone including Erza whom she viewed as her rival.

What makes Mirajane Strauss Worthy of S-Class?

woman angrily looks at something

Mirajane had demon-like powers and uses Take over magic.

The take-over magic allowed Mirajane to use her power and the appearance of the creatures she is well versed with.

Her famous signature Satan Soul gives her the ability to control demons and manipulate them as she sees fit.

Mirajane is quite powerful and her magic abilities are useful when fighting against powerful individuals.

The Satan Soul gives Mirajane Strauss the power and appearance of a demon.

Her Satan Soul Sitri is one of her strongest powers which she used for a few hours without experiencing fatigue or exhaustion.

Mirajane is gifted with immense strength, which helps her use her demonic powers, generate a high range of attacks, and block punches from her opponents.

When in her take-over magic, Mirajane uses a pair of wings to fly which emerges from her back when she transforms.

Not only does she possess high speed and deliver powerful kicks, but she also has strong resistance to poison.

Mirajane Strauss is unchallenged and can easily get on par with other wizards in Fairy Tail like Laxus Dreyar, Erza Scarlet, Gildards Clive, and Mystogun.

Mirajane easily defeated opponents like Freed, Mary Hughes, Seilah, and Jenny.

Fight ing with a demon like woman

The best fights include fighting against Seilah in the Tartaros arc. Mirajane went to rescue Lisanna and together they attacked Seilah.

Out of the two, Mirajane easily defeated Seilah and emerged victoriously.

Mirajane destroyed Hell’s core and used her Satan Soul using take over magic and tentacles that worked on the respawn tanks.

Seilah tried he best to control Mirajane, but she is on a different level.

What happened to Lisanna?

a group of men and women smiling
Mirajane Strauss and other fairy tail members

Despite being so strong, Mirajane stopped being an S-Class wizard and later stopped going on missions.

The siblings, Elfman, Lisanna, and Mirajane went on a mission where things went wrong. Elfman lost control of his ability and went into a blind rage.

This incident caused Lisanna’s death and Mirajane held herself responsible for failing to protect her siblings.

After Lisanna’s death, Mirajane lost her willpower to fight and her personality changed drastically.

After the incident, Mirajane’s personality had a major shift.

She becomes a loving and caring person.

In Fairy Tail, people view Mirajane Strauss as a mother figure.

She started managing the bar in the guild and rarely had a bad mood.

She stopped getting involved in fights and stopped using take-over magic completely.

The present situation of Mirajane and Fairy Tail

In reality, Lisanna never died. She got sucked into a lacrima and transported into Edolus.

After Lisanna’s return, she once again used her take-over magic to fight for the guild and becomes powerful as ever.

Although she used her magic before when she went to rescue Elfman fighting against Freed.

Her previous guilt towards Lisanna caused her to ai Elfmann and ensure that she doesn’t have to go through the same suffering again.

Mirajane Strauss never loses her skills or abilities, she just feels the reluctance to use her magic.

Despite being not able to use her magic, Mirajane will forever remain an S-Class Wizard of Fairy Tail.

Her magic skills Satan Soul Halphas was quite powerful and dangerous. When using this skill, she destroyed an entire city.

The guild master Makarov forbade her from using this magic.

Mirajane Strauss is one of the most powerful Fairy Tail wizards who rightfully deserves to be an S-Class wizard.

Mirajane fought her brother Elfmann and Evergreen in the S-Class battle and it’s one of the most noteworthy battles whose result was quite surprising.

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