Why is Nagisa Shiota a Dangerous Assassin?

Why is Nagisa Shiota a Dangerous Assassin?

Nagisa Shiota is a student of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He is the main protagonist and the narrator of the series.

He is calm, reserved, and shy but extremely observant about his surroundings. He has a petite frame with blue shoulder long hair and azure eyes.

His long hair stays in pigtails which he gets from Kaede Kayano, his classmate.

He often refers to himself as ‘invisible’ and possesses deep insecurity which roots from his mother telling him that he “isn’t good enough”.

Nagisa Shiota as an Assassin

1st Attempt to kill Korosensei

Nagisa Shiota knew that he was perceived as innocent and harmless. He used this information to attack Korosensei with an anti-sensei knife.

When Korosensei blocks his attack, He throws himself on his teacher with a grenade hanging around his neck.

Korosensei escapes the blast and saves him as well.

Though angry that they decided to pull such a dangerous stunt, Korosensei nevertheless praises Nagisa in his approach.

This is the first instance where we witness Nagisa Shiota’s ability to hide his bloodlust underneath his innocent looks.

Karasuma and Nagisa Shiota

Two months after Korosensei’s arrival, Karasuma while teaching his PE class feels a strange sensation like that of a snake behind him.

After dodging the attack, he realizes the ‘snake’ happens to Nagisa’s bloodlust.

When Akira Takaoka arrives to replace Karasuma, in order to train the students, Karasuma intervenes against Takaoka’s brutality towards the students.

Takaoka asks Karasuma to pick a student to go against him but with a real knife. Karasuma asks Nagisa to be the one.

In the fight between Nagisa and Takaoka, we again notice Nagisa approaching his opponent with an innocent smile and catching Takaoka off-guard.

Takaoka loses his balance and grabs him with the knife at his throat.

Karasuma realizes during this match, Nagisa Shiota’s real potential in the assassination.

Assassination Island Arc

In this arc, when the majority of the students are sick from the poison.

Nagisa along with the remaining students and Karasuma devised the plan to go get the antidote for the poison.

When the class finally reaches the top floor, they find that it is Takaoka who planned the poisoning, to get revenge on Nagisa.

Takaoka leads Nagisa and others to the helipad for a rematch.

In this situation, we saw him bringing the technique into play, he previously learned from Irina’s mentor Lovro before leaving for the Island.

By making Takaoka concentrate on his knife, Nagisa lets the knife all and attacks him with a thunderous clap.

The sudden clap disorients Takaoka, compelling him into submission against Nagisa Shiota.

Despite Takaoka’s action, He thanked him for teaching him about his bloodlust and the importance of friendship in controlling the bloodlust before striking him.

Years after graduation Nagisa Shiota takes up the profession of teacher.

He becomes the Homeroom teacher of Class 3-5 at Paradise High School, a class of male delinquents.

Some Trivia about The Dangerous Assassin

  • He was called androgynous due to his feminine features. He even had to cross-dress at the Assassination Island Arc.
  • He is ranked 2nd in the popularity poll of Volume 12.
  • According to Irina, he is ranked 1st in the Kissing Technique.
  • He would like to buy himself some height if he wins the reward for killing Korosensei.

Throughout the series we see Nagisa transforming into a more objective adult. He has gained self-esteem and understands his worth.

Though still short in height and shy in nature his assassination skills have not dulled. He is more confident now and surer of his place in society.

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