Why is Naruto so weak in Boruto: Next Generations?

Why is Naruto so weak in Boruto: Next Generations?

Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the Naruto series and one of the main characters in Boruto: Next Generations is one of the powerful shounen characters.

The Naruto (Shippuden) series is one of the top 3 Shounen Manga series which gave birth to the spin-off series Bortuo Next Generations.

Everyone knows how Uzumaki Naruto, the war hero who put an end to the vicious cycle of hatred, war and suffering, finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the Leaf Villages' Hokage.

The strongest shinobi, Naruto gave a tough fight to Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Otsutsuki in the Naruto Shippuden series. If Naruto Uzumaki is so strong, why did he become so weak in Boruto: Next Generations?

When fighting with Kara's Delta, Naruto was barely managing the fight. So, this begs the question, why was Naruto struggling against Kara? Why was Naruto barely able to manage his fight against Kara's Jigen (and Isshiki Outsutsuki)?

Naruto Uzumaki vs Kara's Delta

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It was a good time for Uzumaki Naruto to have a free day with his children Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki along with Kawaki.

Unfortunately for the children, their happy time was disrupted by Kara's Delta paying an unannounced visit to Konoha to retrieve back Kawaki.

Kawaki was the vessel for Isshiki Outsutsuki and was groomed from an early age by Jigen and Amado by embedding Karma in him.

With Delta cornering Uzumaki Naruto and his entourage, bypassing the Konoha's security system, Boruto, Kawaki and Himawari were nothing more than innocent bystanders caught in the battle.

Did Naruto really become weak despite being recognized as the strongest Shinobi, even with the power of the Kyuubi, Nine Tails, Kurama? That's a big what if question that does not recognize any hypothesis.

Naruto Uzumaki is indeed "the most powerful" shinobi in all the continents combined, surely, he wouldn't bite the dust so easily.

Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage of Konoha, is Never Weak. When fighting with Delta, Naruto was barely playing and stalling time. Naruto is not invincible, yet, he is definitely powerful and the likes of Kara's Delta are no match against him.

This can be a definite surety that Naruto will never lose against Delta, not by any chance. Now, this isn't some biased fangirling because it's Naruto. The justification why Naruto isn't exactly weak in Boruto: Next Generations can be identified due to many reasons.

The primary and the most important reason is Naruto has learned from experience mastering Rasengan and Sage Mode along with the powers of Kurama that provide him with an infinite power level to make a large number of Shadow clones.

As for the fight with Delta, Naruto wasn't weak, he was simply stalling because he was concerned about the safety of his children Boruto, Himawari and Kawaki.

If Naruto went full-on power mode, Delta would be in pieces and so will the chances of destroying Konoha or endangering the kids would be high.

As soon as the children were out of dangerous spots, Naruto Uzumaki buckled up and gave a good-style old fashion beating, literally dismantling Delta.

Although Naruto easily defeated Delta, she escaped without giving any chance to procure information.

Naruto Vs Jigen/Isshiki

The fight with Jigen/Isshiki Outsutsuki was a different tale. Even with Sasuke Uchiha by his side, defeating Jigen was no problem. Both Sasuke and Naruto could easily overpower Jigen, but Issshiki was a different story.

The plan failed miserably when Kawaki was pulled out by a dying Jigen/Isshiki who tried to extract Karma for gaining Kawaki's body.

Indeed, even with Naruto at full power, it was difficult for him to defeat Isshiki, the original member of Outsutsuki.

When fighting against Kaguya, they needed help and additional powers from the Sage of Six Paths to win against her. Ishhiki was a game-changer for both Naruto and Sasuke.

Not only did Naruto was having struggle against Isshiki, but even Kurama also got a good beatdown.

It could be that, yes, Naruto, now in his early thirties is ageing and becoming weak, but the fact doesn't change that Naruto is quite overpowered.

However, to win against Isshiki, Naruto had to pay the ultimate sacrifice of using the Baryon Mode, saying goodbye to Kurama forever.

Naruto won against Isshiki but lost the powers of Jinchuriki as Kurama sacrificed himself.

Now, Naruto could be even more vulnerable as he longer is the Jinchuriki (host to nine tails) and can use only a finite amount of chakra.

His ability to make multiple shadow clones will be greatly limited. In conclusion, now Naruto Uzumaki has become weak although, he can still defeat average villains and overpower the Five Kages if needed. Naruto will not lose against Kages in a 4:1 fight for sure. The threat of Outsutsuki could be a different issue.

Who won between Naruto Uzumaki and Kara's Delta?

Naruto Uzumaki defeated Kara's Delta but she escaped with an explosion. At least, Naruto and the children were safe.

What happened to Jigen?

Jigen lost the fight when Naruto entered full power in Baryon mode calling Isshiki through Karma which deleted all the copies including Kawaki.

Does Kawaki have Karma?

During and after this battle, Kawaki lost his Karma, but Boruto's Karma manifested exponentially fast, even attacking Sasuke Uchiha injuring his left eye, and damaging his Rinnegan permanently.

Is Isshiki dead?

Thanks to Naruto, Sasuke, Kawaki and Boruto, yes, Isshiki is dead. But the threat of Momoshiki remains.

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