Why Is Todoroki Raichi Called the Monster Slugger?

Why Is Todoroki Raichi Called the Monster Slugger?

Todoroki Raichi is the third baseman and the fourth batter of Yakushi High School. He also plays as a pitcher later in the series.

The Bat-man Under the Bridge” by Terajima Yuji is a story about Raichi which he published back in 2003 before Ace of Diamond began.

Raichi has an X-shaped scar on his left cheek and sharp canine teeth. He is an amplified version of Sawamura Eijun, with his obnoxiously loud laughter “KAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

He loudly calls out to the pitchers he faces saying he will send their pitches flying, which he often does; sending pitches flying for home runs.

Todoroki Raichi and his Story

This boy creates a storm with his bat! – Narrator

Raichi received a wooden bat from his father, Todoroki Raizou when he was a kid.

The bat has ‘Money Tree’ carved in it. Raichi, since he was a kid, swung his wooden bat 1000 times a day by imagining a monster pitcher with a 160km/h fastball.

His mother abandoned him after her divorce from Raizou because she did not want to sacrifice herself for the way both of them chose to live.

Todorokis were a poor family and so Raichi never has the chance to play baseball in a team.

Todoroki first meets Mishima Yuta and Akiba Kazuma when his father offered to teach baseball for 100 yen/class.

He later meets Sanada Shunpei, the pitcher of Yakushi High, after joining the team.

Raichi on-field has a loud personality. He is always grinning and laughing loudly along with his best friend Mishima.

Raichi during a game has a massive grin with a frightening look on his face.

Also just like Sawamura, Raichi has the habit of giving his senpai advice despite being known for making mistakes.

Todoroki Raichi off-field has a complete switch personality. He goes from loud and annoying to shy and quiet.

So much so, that his classmates believed him to be a bench warmer on the team. But, that was until they saw him play.


Raichi grew up swinging his wooden bat 1000 times a day and his palms feel like rocks.

He is the best slugger of his generation, as a first-year like Kominato Haruichi.

With exceptional athletic skills and batting prowess, his home runs are the best in the series.

He hit a home run of You Shunshin in the Fall Tournament which is the longest-distance home run. The ball flew past the fence at a distance of 140 m.

Also, he has hit a home run off all the pitchers he had played against except for Furuya Satoru, Narumiya Mei (Innashiro Industrials), and Tanba Koichiro (ex-Seidou player).

Due to the fact that he has always practiced with a wooden bat, when he switches to a metal bat, his swings become even more frightening.

Raichi, thanks to his image training, has an eye for any kind of pitch.

He waits for the pitch to come near the strike zone and then he swings his bat hard enough that mostly it ends up being a home run.

He has all the pitches that he considers to be awesome memorized which he then uses in practice.

Pitchers are awesome. Baseball is deep.

He compliments Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru from Seidou, Narumiya Mei from Inashiro, Amahisa Kousei from Ichidaisan, and You Shunshin from Akikawa, as awesome pitchers.

As a batter, he respects Yuki Tetsuya the retired Seidou leader, and admires him.

Yuki Yanagita, a professional NBL player in an interview commented that he models his swing after Todoroki Raichi.

Such a compliment should be enough to call Raichi a Monster Slugger.

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