Why is Yuno so special?

Why is Yuno so special?

Yuno is an orphan brought up in a church alongside other orphans. When he reached the age of 15, he got a four-leaf Clover grimoire. The fourth leaf represents good luck along with hope, faith, and love. He takes part in the magic knight’s competition as soon as he receives his grimoire.

All the captains him as a squad member but he chooses the Golden Dawn. Yuno and Asta both want to be the Wizard King of the Clover kingdom. Both of them are working hard and progressing fast to reach this feat. Currently, he is a 5th class intermediate magic knight and also the vice-captain of the golden dawn. Let’s have a look at some of his notable attributes.

1. Bell – the Wind Spirit Magic

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During the dungeon expedition, a scroll containing Mysterious writing attracts Yuno. Bell appears after a few moments when he was desperately finding a way to save his rival Asta. At first, he could not summon her at his will but after some time, she is seen by his side always.

The wind spirit gets annoyed at any girl who likes him. Bell grants Yuno tremendous magic which makes him more powerful than any other average mage. With the help of Bell, Yuno can perform magic spells like Spirit’s hushed dance, spirit dive, spirit storm, the spirit of Zephyr, and sylph’s breath.

2. Asta is His Rival

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Both of them have been brought up together in a church by their father and sister Lily. Yuno cried very easily when he was a kid until a certain incident. When a man was trying to steal his pendant, he broke into tears and hardly fought back. It was Asta who fought for Yuno’s pendant and was beaten up to a pulp. Yuno never cried after that incident.

Knowing Asta’s true potential despite being magic-less, he made him his rival. Both of them achieve and aim higher in the spirit of competition. Yuno always advises everyone not to underestimate Asta just because he is having no mana.

3. Impressive Magic and Potential

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Yuno has a significant amount of mana and also a four-leaf Clover grimoire. On top of that, the wind spirit- sylph has chosen to serve him. All of these factors make him incredibly powerful. His magnificent power can be seen in multiple instances in the series.

Yuno has fought against Zagred, the devil, and also won a fight against Langris. But later Yuno acknowledges that Langris was not fighting with all his power. He later fights the Dark triad disciple Godroc who could use up to 40% of the devil’s power. Yuno is the youngest mana zone master.

4. The Prince of the Spade Kingdom

Yuno is the one who is the ruler of the spade kingdom. His parents were the king and the queen of the House Grinberryall. A close family friend escaped with Yuno when the dark triad attacked the castle. This is one of the best twists in the series Black Clover.

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