5 Reasons Why Julius Novachrono Is Worthy of being the Wizard King

5 Reasons Why Julius Novachrono Is Worthy of being the Wizard King

A long time ago, Clover Kingdom was attacked by a demon. A powerful mage defeated him on his own and protected the Clover Kingdom. He was then given the title of the first wizard king. Ever since then, The title of the wizard king has been passed down to the strongest mage of the kingdom. The current and 28th wizard king is Julius Novachrono, former captain of the Grey Deer squad. While Julius is, or was the strongest mage of the Clover Kingdom, that is not all of his character.

There is a lot more about The Wizard King that makes him deserving of the title of the wizard king, even after losing his powers.

1. His Ambitions For The Clover Kingdom

character standing on the roof

Julius Novachrono came across Zara Ideale, the first commoner to ever become a Magic Knight, during his own Magic Knight days. Zara was a cheerful, trusting man who wished to protect the citizens. He was however betrayed by his own comrades and got killed. After this incident, Julius was inspired to become the next Wizard King.

Julius wished to create a more equal society where titles did not matter as the Wizard King. He understood that for his dream to become a reality, he needed to be taken seriously. He needed to become powerful and be trusted by all, and earn the rank of the Wizard King to live his ambitions.

2. His Curiosity And Childlike Pure-Heartedness

Julius gets curious about new magic

Julius is obsessed with all kinds of magic. His eyes sparkle as that of a child at the sight of witnessing any new or interesting magic. He often disguises himself in search of magic he has never seen before, and slacks off at work. This of course always causes problems for his assistant, Marx. Their interactions make for some of the most adorable moments of the show.

Julius is incredibly knowledgeable about all kinds of magic and the social dynamics of the Clover kingdom. He was able to decipher an ancient magical item made by the first wizard king, centuries ago. When Fuegoleon and Noelle visited a distant village in Clover kingdom, they were surprised to find out how popular one of Julius’s disguises was amongst the villagers.

3. Julius Is A Kind And Compassionate King

character Is A Kind And Compassionate King

At his core, Julius Novachrono is a kind-hearted man. He’d often help the people around him any which way he could, during his strolls across the kingdom in disguises.

When he was the captain of the Grey Deer squad, he came across young Yami Sukehiro and young William Vangeance. He was intrigued by their unique abilities and invited them to join the Magic Knights not caring about either one’s social status or appearance.

Julius Novachrono was grateful for having seen so many different kinds of magic and having come across all different sorts of people, in his seemingly last moments. That goes to show how compassionate the Wizard King is as a person.

4. The Wizard King can be Lethal when need be

character fights the Eye of the Midnight Sun

Through the course of the series, ulius has shown himself to be forgiving and compassionate. That said, the usually jovial Wizard king can be swift and ruthless when it comes to taking action against the enemy.

In one of the earlier episodes of the show, Asta was captured by the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, a terrorist organisation. Julius Novachrono killed two of its members in an instant, in order to save Asta.

5. Is Juluis Novachrono Dead?

Patolli stabs Julius

Julius’s time magic is incredibly powerful. During the attack of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Julius fought head to head with Patolli, their leader, without the intent to kill him as he did not wish to harm William’s body that Patolli was occupying. In order to protect his citizens from Patolli’s fatal attack, Julius gave up his years of stored magic to create a protective defense over the entire Clover kingdom. As a result, Patolli was able to stab him.

As Julius recalls his life, we are led to believe he dies. However, Julius was able to survive this due to his leftover magic, however this regressed his body turning him physically 13 and made him lose most of his powers. However he continues to be the Wizard King for the time being as his love for his country runs deep.