5 Reasons Why Misa Amane Can't Be Hated

5 Reasons Why Misa Amane Can't Be Hated

Misa Amane was the second Kira. She supported Kira, i.e. Light Yagami, in his attempts to save the world from crimes.

In due course of this process, he murdered the man responsible for the death of Misa Amane’s parents.

She took the eyes of Shinigami just to find Kira to thank him for everything that he did for her unknowingly.

At first, when I watched Death Note, I despised her like any other fan.

Yet after reading about what she did and why stuff made a lot of sense.

So here are the five reasons why we can’t hate Misa Amane, no matter how she is.

1. Misa Amane’s dedication and loyalty to Light Yagami

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Without a doubt, Misa Amane was one of the most loyal and committed characters in Death Note.

Despite Light’s conduct towards her, she was still with the utmost devotion in her heart.

When the memory of Light and Misa’s being Kiras was erased, she was still faithful to him. She never questioned him either.

Even Light had recognized her brilliance and called for her support.

Even though Light was never drawn to Misa Amane, she always tried to get things moving in their relationship.

(We think she’s dumb because of this but isn’t her persistence very commendable?)

She began to pursue Kira because he killed the guy who was responsible for the death of her parents.

Even in testing times, she gave her Death Note to save Light from being investigated.

2. Her relationship with Rem

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Rem loved Misa Amane, she just wanted Misa to remain safe. She also threatened to kill Light if he screwed up with Misa.

Rem took a piece to Misa Amane’s Death Note after she missed her memory to support her in every way she could.

Rem’s commitment to Misa was talking a lot about Misa.

This conveyed how heartwarming Misa Amane was that she was revered by the god of death.

As Misa was committed to helping Light get rid of L and Rem was dedicated to helping Misa Amane, she died after writing Watari and L’s names in the Death Note.

This friendship between them indicates that Misa was a lovely person.

The fact that Rem and Misa were close in essence made their bond beautiful, and Rem didn’t mind losing her existence.

3. Misa Amane’s Smartness & Intelligence

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Misa Amane was clever and wise in her own place.

When she sent the tapes to Sakura TV Studio, she was ardently intelligent enough to make her friend make the tapes so that there will be no traces of evidence against herself.

She easily figured out Kira’s true name, too.

While she had the eyes of Shinigami, the thought was her own, and her curiosity in finding out led to her intellect, which is sometimes overlooked.

She acted smartly as she used to collect details or hide around or dress up to get things done.

Since she lost her memory, her wit and intellect were very helpful in locating the third Kira, and she was allied with L as a valued asset at the time.

4. Her stern stand for Light Yagami

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Misa was restricted on L’s instructions because she was accused of being the second Kira as they found evidence at her home of a pen with the same ink, stamps, and notebook used to deliver tape and messages as Kira.

She was made to stand still and was unable to move her body.

L even ordered Watari to torment her if she didn’t spill the information, as Misa Amane had declined to speak to her.

She also requested Rem to kill her so that Light would be free from any accusation and therefore, to save Light, she gave up the Death Note and sacrificed all her memory of being Kira only for Light.

5. Misa Amane’s Death

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At the edge of her life and building

She was passionately in love with Light, and more than she was determined to do anything for him.

After learning of his death, she was shattered and eventually ended her life as shown in the manga.

In the anime, though, she was seen standing at the edge of the building and it was predicted that she died.

Fiercely, if we dig inside ourselves and keep Misa’s foolish acts aside, we’ll know that she wasn’t meant to die the way she did.

Her past was indescribably traumatic, and she was only faithful to the guy who had avenged the death of her parents.