5 Reasons Why Tanjiro Kamado is Loved So Much

5 Reasons Why Tanjiro Kamado is Loved So Much

Tanjiro is an honest brother in Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer, a super-hit Netflix Anime series.

Not only did he get a massive fan base, but the characters were also very well portrayed.

Tanjiro and Nezuko, their relationship is something that we all enjoyed watching and reading about.

After the demons slaughtered his family until death, he was devastated.

His sister Nezuko survived, but then she was a demon.

At the time of the testing, he swore to avenge his family and protect his sister.

He joined the Demon Slayers Corps in order to kill all the demons from the world.

However, our favorite character had those characteristics that made all the people appreciate him a lot.

1. An Overprotective Brother

the siblings holding each other's hands

Tanjiro was indeed a lovely person. Kamado loved his family more than anything else in the world.

As the oldest son, he did some small jobs including selling charcoal to support his home.

When demons slaughtered his entire family, excluding his sister, Nezuko, who then became a demon, it was very devastating for him.

He really loved her and promised to get her back to normal as soon as possible and to become a demon slayer.

Tanjiro has become very protective of Nezuko. Since they were the only family left with each other.

They loved, cared for, and supported each other in whatever way they could.

Even after Tanjiro transformed into a demon, Nezuko was the one he hadn’t tried to kill.

2. An Amazing Friend

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Tanjiro was very protective, not just of Nezuko, but also of his friends.

His sincere and good disposition made him a worthy friend.

He’s always helped others without a second glance, and when he’s unable to contribute, guilt hits him like nothing else.

A friend whom you can practically rely on, that’s how Tanjiro is.

The relationship between Zenitsu, Inosuke and Tanjiro is a perfect example of this.

Their relationship grew so deep that they saw each other as brothers.

3. His Honesty & Empathy

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Over the challenging times, Kamado T has always stood up for his friends and family. He never said no to helping anyone.

The greatest thing about him, I think, was his utter honesty and the way he was empathizing with people.

That’s what makes the fan base much larger. All the characteristics of Tanjiro were pretty much obvious from the very first episode.

He even empathized with the demons who always pinned him when he made his attack.

This made the demons take advantage of him but figured his way out sooner.

Tanjiro was not only honest with those around him, but also with himself, and these details were also explored in the anime.

When he faced the demon that killed the Urokodaki students, he regretted it and felt miserable after killing the demon.

It showed how composed Tanjiro was.

4. Strong Determination

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Tanjiro is a person of his own words. He never staggered when making decisions.

When Tanjiro made up his mind, it was out of the question to change it.

Initially, as we saw above, he used to empathize with demons and wavered to striking them.

Soon, he took the pace and joined the Demon Slayers and became one of their strongest.

5. Fearless

an injured young boy fighting a demon with his powers

Initially, he struggled to kill the demons as the death of anyone affected him harder.

But then Tanjiro was fearless and unstoppable later.

After his training as a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro was not afraid to battle the Demons.

He quickly became one of the strongest Demon Slayers in their society.

He confronted the Demon Moon, Upper Moon 4 demon, Rui ferociously, and proved that he was not afraid of them. He was also willing to fight Akaza, which shows how fearless he was.

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