Why were Kakashi and Iruka concerned about Naruto and Hinata's wedding?

Why were Kakashi and Iruka concerned about Naruto and Hinata's wedding?

After the Great Ninja War was over, it was time for celebration in the Konoha village. The first greatest news was the matrimonial celebration of Naruto and Hinata who were getting married. Kakashi Hatake became the sixth Hokage of the Konoha village.

Iruka Sensei resumed his duty of teaching at the Konoha Academy. Both Kakashi and Iruka sensei is close to Naruto. So Why were Kakashi and Iruka concerned about Naruto and Hinata's wedding? What dilemma were Kakashi and Iruka Sensei facing because of Naruto's wedding?

It was clear that Naruto became an international Hero, especially in the Konoha village and his contribution to the war made him even more popular. Naruto was already popular enough after he defeated Pain and helped to restore the Konoha village but winning the great war was another story.

After the constant battle and Hinata finally having the courage to confess her feelings to Naruto, the pair was soon to be betrothed. Both Kakashi and Iruka Sensei should be happy to congratulate the marital union of Naruto and Hinata so what was the reason they were so concerned about?

It is a well-known fact that Naruto is a celebrated hero and has undeniable bonds with the people, the villages in Konoha, his friends, peers and mentors. Although Naruto's parents and mentor Jiraiya sensei are no longer around, Naruto isn't alone.

Naruto had earned the trust and confidence of not only the people in Konoha but the trust of other Kages. The Raikage, Tsuchikahe, Mizukage and Kazekage were happy to hear the news of Naruto's wedding. However, there were two people who were facing concerns and dilemmas because of the wedding.

Iruka Sensei's concerns

the father figure gives a concerned look to his son

It's true that Naruto and Iruka Sensei have a bond far greater than that of a teacher and student. Iruka sensei was the first person to truly accept and acknowledge Naruto. Naruto not only respects Iruka Sensei but is extremely close to him.

Konohamaru was in charge of making video messages for Naruto and Hinata's wedding. He recorded everyone's message except Iruka sensei who kept delaying it. Iruka sensei was concerned about his role in Naruto's life and what relationship they share.

worried sensei at the ramen shop

Even the Ichiraku ramen shop master was convinced that Naruto and Iruka sensei share a special bond and cannot be categorized as friends. However, it didn't feel right to put Naruto and Iruka sensei as a teacher and a student either. When Iruka sensei was hesitating and facing a dilemma Naruto visited Iruka Sensei to have a conversation before he got married.

Naruto had discussed this with Hinata and she was also aware of the role of Iruka Sensei in Naruto's life. Naruto asked Iruka Sensei to play his father's role in the wedding and was very emotional.

Naruto confessed to Iruka Sensei that the relationship is far above that of a teacher and student and he sees Iruka Sensei as a father figure in his life. This was the concern that Iruka sensei was facing and he got emotional.

Iruka sensei was thinking about the same issue and felt that Naruto was more than a student. Iruka sensei happily accepted Naruto’s request and later conveyed the same to Hinata as well. Hinata commented that Iruka sensei was like a father to Naruto and she called him a father as well.

Kakashi’s Dilemma

the junior reports to senior with documents

Everyone was happy and busy celebrating Naruto’s wedding preparation. The reason for Kakashi’s concern was Naruto and Hinata's wedding. There were several reasons for Kakashi’s worries.

Firstly, Naruto was a popular person in Konoha and had deep bonds with almost everyone. The reason for concern stemmed from this because on this auspicious and joyous occasion, everyone would want to attend Naruto and Hinata’s wedding.

the sensei meets the soon to be bride

However, Kakashi was aware that despite his wedding date, there will be a mission, which will require manpower. Simply put, there is a chance that some people might miss Naruto’s wedding because of Shinobi missions.

On top of that, the Kage’s summit was held as well which will require manpower and skilled shinobi to protect the authority figures from different nations. Also, even Naruto’s wedding would require protection.

Kakashi was perturbed because he kept thinking about a possible way to ensure that everyone could attend Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. This brings us back to the original dilemma if everyone attends the wedding, who will attend the missions scheduled for that day or any emergencies?

the kid records message with his teachers

On top of that Naruto and Hinata's close circle of friends were all ranked Jounin, which means their presence is vital for missions yet at the same time, they need to be there for Naruto and Hinata's wedding. It would certainly be problematic if all of them were suddenly unavailable that day.

Kakashi was willing to become the worst Hokage in history. This was because the Fifth Hokage, Lady Tsunade created a rule for weddings. According to the rule, if there was a wedding among the shinobi, the attendance of the guests would be determined based on the value of the gifts which were assessed.

everyone visits the office to talk

This was again a problematic rule. Due to this rule, people can get automatically ruled out from the attendance list. However, this would make Naruto and Hinata sad if their close friends were eliminated because of the rule.

However, there was a twist. Lady Tsunade said the rule existed due to war where there was a sudden upswing in weddings which caused a shortage of manpower. So this rule can be dismissed for Naruto’s wedding. However, Kakashi soon found a solution to the dilemma and asked the Kazekage Gaara for help!

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