Marry Me Webtoon | Will Sinn and Mari Have a Happy Ending?

Marry Me Webtoon | Will Sinn and Mari Have a Happy Ending?

Fate is a beautiful thing. Nothing stands in their way when two people are meant to meet and are destined to be together forever. Love can be mysterious but the heart can be very unpredictable.

Marry Me Webtoon is created by Miku Yuki. The Japanese Webtoon series shows the martial life of Akiyasu Sinn and Sawamoto Mari. Mari and Sinn got married in very unusual circumstances and there was no love between them.

As they started living together, their feelings changed, but can Sinn and Mari have a happy ending? Will Mari divorce Sinn?

How did Mari and Sinn get Married?

Akiyasu Sinn is a 29-year-old civil servant. Sinn applied to become the test subject of the new law passed (Neet Law). Sawamoto Mari’s grandmother registered her as a test subject before she passed away.

Mari lived with her grandparents and due to circumstances dropped out after Middle School. Worried that Mari might face hardships in life, her grandmother wanted her to get married using the Neet Protection Law.

While Sinn is a cold and indifferent civil servant worker who wanted to climb up the corporate ladder. The situation brought Sinn and Mari to get married, despite resistance from Mari. Mari was cut off from society and didn’t trust anyone. Somehow, she opened up to Sinn and later Mari accepted to get married to him.

What is the Neet Protection Law?

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In the fictional universe, a growing number of young people were not employed. To protect such individuals a Neet Protection Law was created. Neet is an acronym for “Not in Education, Employment or Training”. Before the law was implemented, an experiment involving civil servants was conducted in secret.

Who is Waka?

Yoshiura Waka is Sinn’s coworker and his ex-girlfriend. Sinn and Waka dated three years ago but suddenly she demanded to break up with him out of nowhere. Waka wasn’t too pleased with Sinn and found their relationship taxing which is why they broke up.

Why did Waka give Divorce papers to Mari?

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Waka wasn’t pleased with Sinn and Mari’s wedding because it felt nothing like a normal marriage. This was a forced contractual relationship or an obligation marriage which felt like an extension of Sinn’s work.

Even Sinn never hid the fact from anybody whenever their marriage topic is discussed. Waka thought that Mari didn’t have a choice and might have to put up with Sinn who cares only about work.

However, it’s not the same thing. Although Mari and Sinn are happy together and slowly started changing. Well, of course, it’s Waka who is unaware of the development.

Will Sinn and Mari get divorced?

Sinn was conflicted and truly wanted what was best for Mari. He had no hopes for holding back Mari and would her let if she made a different choice. Mari had started changing as well.

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Before she was completely cut off from the world and didn’t like crowds or interacting with people. After Mari was married to Sinn, she slowly started changing.

Mari wanted the relationship to work and didn't mind even if the marriage was an extension of Sinn’s work. She has no intention of divorcing Sinn.

How did Mari and Sinn change?

Mari always cared about others although she may not be able to express it well. Sinn on the other hand seemed aloof, cold and indifferent. When Waka and Sinn were dating, she thought Sinn didn’t care.

After meeting Mari, Sinn started changing. Sinn’s high school best friend and later his coworker Yamada Kouhei said that Sinn became a different person after he met Mari. He became more involved and less cold towards others.

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The Umemuras

It’s like he became dumb in love but in a very good way. Sinn and Mari were different and similar at the same time. Both of them knew to put each other first rather than putting themselves first.

Sinn even had a misguided notion and misconception about his family. Everything changed when Mari became part of the Akiyasu household. Shou had Sinn’s relationship improved as well.

There was a point, Shou (Sinn’s younger brother) refused to go to school. Thanks to Mari and Sinn, Shou opened up and found his way to make new friends and soon-to-be girlfriend, Momoka.

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The presence of the Umemura household especially Kumi had a positive impact on Mari and Sinn. Sinn wasn’t too happy that his wedding was not normal like others.

He was determined to get the special marriage status revoked and de-register Mari from the Neet Protection Law list. Sinn was willing to put his job on life and even determined to resign. Thankfully, Sinn had a good workplace and his work competency made him get his goals.

Sinn was successful to remove Mari from the list and they became a normal couple. Sinn is really lucky to have Waka and Yamada as his coworkers.

Do Mari and Sinn get a Happy Ending?

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Thankfully, everyone in the story had a happy ending including Mari and Sinn. They became parents of a lovely little baby girl. The series was so sweet and showed the interactions of different characters with the couple. Every character became a huge part of Mari and Sinn’s life. Shou and Momoka started dating.

The Umemura’s had a beautiful child (son) and Kumi became a big brother. Waka and her ex-husband started seeing each other again and had a good relationship.

The best part of Marry Me Webtoon was the ending where Sinn and Mari get married again on their second anniversary. It was a very heartfelt and warm moment in the series.

The webtoon series shows the overall growth and change of both Sinn and Mari. Do check out the series for an emotional rollercoaster and loveable characters who present their own circumstances and story.

Marry Me Webtoon was adapted into a Jdrama in 2020. The story is a cosy drama with a feeling of a warm relationship. The series has 134 chapters and is a good binge-read.

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