Will the Pessimist Tamahiko Change?

Why is Tamahiko a pessimist? Why did his family banish him?

Will the Pessimist Tamahiko Change?

Taishou Otome Fairytale or Taishou Otome Otogibanashi is an ongoing fall anime of 2021. The anime is a slice of life and historical drama set in the Taishou era, 1921.

Historical animes have their own charm and Taishou Otome Otogibanashi totally lives up to it. Taishou Otome Fairytale anime shows the life of Tamahiko Shima, the youngest son of the wealthy Shima family.

After an incident, Tamahiko was practically banished from his family. What could have happened to make Tamahiko a pessimist? Can Tamahiko change with the introduction of Yuzuki Tachibana in his life?

Why is Tamahiko a Pessimist?

Shima Tamahiko had a sad childhood. Although Tamahiko comes from a well-established family, he never truly received love. Due to an accident, his mother passed away and he lost the use of his dominant right hand. Tamahiko’s calculating father scorned him and banished him to their family mountains in Chiba.

Living alone and in a secluded and gloomy life, Tamahiko had given up on life. The way of pessimism consoles his wrecked-up life and merciless family. Tamahiko doesn’t have a good relationship with his siblings either. Now all alone, he had thoughts of dying and that he was a nuisance for being alive.

Yuzuki Tachibana | Bride for Sale

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If things weren’t painful enough for Tamahiko, his heartless calculating father bought him a bride. Tamahiko’s father bought Yuzuki Tachibana to take care of Tamahiko and his future bride.

Yuzuki or Yuzu’s family sold her due to debts, but Yuzu wholeheartedly accepted Tamahiko as her life partner and future husband. At the age of 14, Yuzu became the future bride of Tamahiko; Will Tamahiko change his life or open up to Yuzu’s kindness and unconditional love?

Tamahiko’s Death

The Shima family is nothing if not heartless. They banished Tamahiko to live alone, got him a bride who will most surely hate him (of course she doesn’t because it’s Yuzu), and now straight off killing Tamahiko.

Tamahiko’s siblings received marriage proposals, it would be bad if they learn of Tamahiko’s disability. That old man is totally heartless and killed off Tamahiko officially. He sends a letter to Tamahiko declaring that he’s dead from now on.

Any little changes Yuzu brought in Tamahiko were crushed after this news. Yuzu tried to cheer him up but Tamahiko accidentally spoiled her dress. Feeling guilty, Tamahiko took Yuzu to Tokyo to buy new fabric for her kimono. Yuzu was thrilled and had a good day out with Tamahiko.

Things were going well, but the arrival of his sister Tamako Shima could disrupt their happy lives. Tamako was still not over the fact that his family considers him dead.

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How bad was it for Tamahiko to live such a childhood, with a neglecting father and no bonds with his siblings? When Yuzu fell sick due to overwork and exhaustion, Tamahiko felt guilty and thought that Yuzu deserves someone better than him.

To add salt to his injury, his sister Tamako calls him useless who can’t even take care of his wife. Tamahiko’s self-esteem takes a deep dive and sinks further. However, the optimist Yuzu is not the one to give up. Yuzu became the link to improve the relationship between Tamahiko and Tamako.

Tamako was concerned when Yuzu was sick. Thanks to Yuzu the sibling bonds got untangled and they opened up to each other. Although there’s still a long road to go, the pessimist Tamahiko can surely change and slowly he’s opening up to Yuzu.

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