Why Is Winry Rockbell The Best Supporting Character?

Despite being a full-on lengthy series and having a lot of supporting characters. Winry Rockbell turned out to be one of the most important characters.

Why Is Winry Rockbell The Best Supporting Character?

Winry Rockbell was a supporting character in the series, FullMetal Alchemist. She first appeared in episode one of the 2003 anime. She was Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric’s close friend from her time in Resembool. She was like a sister to them and particularly the only family they had.

Winry was an amateur surgeon and mechanical specialist. She was Edward’s rear line support as his main engineer. She made sure his left leg and right arm were always working properly. As she was their only family, she supported them in their hard times and played the role of Edward’s love interest.

Winry was an attractive young woman with blonde hair. She preferred to tie her hair in a ponytail. A lot of characters commented on her beauty. She felt the most comfortable when she dressed as she wanted to. She spent much of her time wearing mechanic garb, which made her interests shine through.


Winry was an emotionally strong-willed person, she was quite emphatic towards other people and put the effort into helping other people. She was very enthusiastic about machinery and related topics. She spent most of her time near gear or bearings or the smell of oil.

Being around machines and studying about them gave her peace. She got excited whenever she got an opportunity to learn about machines. Edward even gave her nicknames like ‘Engineering Otaku’ or ‘Crazy Gearhead’. She was stubborn and straightforward.

Unlike Edward, Winry was a bit more tactful with her honesty and usually displayed this side of her only to people she was close with. She spent most of her time, working. Her willingness to work with so much devotion made her attractive to other people.

She was very responsible and undertook many responsibilities for people who depended on her. Kindhearted and sympathetic, she was a gifted and very skilled mechanic. She knew everything about machines. Her heart belonged to machines.

The two main leads arguing
Winry And Edward

She had a significant relationship with Edward. Despite the ups and downs, they went through, in the end, Edward proposed to her. It was believed that they got married and had children, though their children remained unnamed. She also displayed a strong throwing arm. She was able to throw wrenches to a long distance with perfect aim. She even liked to bake pies, specifically apple pies.

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