5 Reasons Why Yami Sukehiro Is Just Too Funny For Us

5 Reasons Why Yami Sukehiro Is Just Too Funny For Us

For a show about magic knights and light and dark, good and evil, Black Clover is full of comedic moments. Unsurprisingly most of these lighthearted moments come from the squad that gets the most screen time, the Black Bulls. As the founder and the captain of the squad, Yami Sukehiro is one of the most powerful people in the Black Clover Universe. His dark magic is incredibly strong and second to none.

Yami Sukehiro has the additional ability to be able to read people’s Ki or Life force. His experience with battle and perceptiveness always keep him a step ahead of everyone.

Like all good leaders, Yami does most of the heavy-lifting for his squad. He is always ready to lay his life on the line for his comrades and the Black Clover kingdom. In addition he keeps encouraging his squad to surpass their limits, wherever and however.

Captain Yami is loved, respected and feared by his squad. At the same time, he has given some of the most hilarious moments in the course of the Black Clover anime.

1. Yami Sukehiro’s penchant for violence

Yami Sukehiro breaking things

The Black Bulls are infamous for being the most destructive and chaotic squad. Things often seem to be breaking and exploding wherever they go. Most destructive of all however, is their hot-headed, short-tempered Captain. While his intent is to shout his subordinates into quieting their ruckus down, he often ends up causing more property damage than anybody else.

2. His lack of tact

character making fun of other captains

All of the magic knight captains work under the Wizard King’s command. They often tend to have friction amongst themselves and most of them are proud, dignified individuals. While Yami Sukehiro is dutiful and sincere about his missions, being a foreigner, he doesn’t care for the nobility and their social rankings. He constantly makes fun of other captains and calls them by silly nicknames.

3. Nozel’s hair and Yami Sukehiro: A love story

character making fun of Nozel

Brother to Noelle Silva, captain of the Silver Eagles, and head House Silva, a royal family, Noelle Silva is a force to be reckoned with. Noelle is not only capable and powerful, but also arrogant and uptight. He takes his position of a magic knight extremely seriously and constantly looks down on others, especially commoners.

This doesn’t stop Yami Sukehiro from poking fun at him though. A running gag is Yami Sukehiro making fun of Noelle’s intricate hairstyle just to spite him. The interactions between the two make for some of the funniest moments in the show.

4. Yami Loves Charlotte?

Yami and Charlotte

The captain of an all women’s squad, Blue Rose, Captain Charlotte Roselei is a tough stern woman. Renowned for intimidating strength and beauty, Charlotte often has men making advances towards her. However, our tsundere queen has the hots for none other than the potty-mouth captain of the Black Bulls. Captain Yami of course is painfully unaware of this and Charlotte’s inability to be able to express her true feelings make all their interactions hilarious and cute at the same time.

5. He bullies his squad

character bullies Asta

Yami is the father figure to his underlings in the Black Bulls. All of the squad members have come from unusual circumstances and found a home in the squad. Everyone looks up to Yami and loves him very dearly.

In turn Captain Yami reciprocates these emotions and sees the Black Bulls as his family. However, he is more of a “tough love” kind of a person, as we see throughout the series.

He uses Finral as his mode of transport for his frequent visits to the bathroom, calls Asta creepy on multiple occasions and is just overall very quick to threaten the squad members with their lives at the slightest inconvenience.