Who Is Yatora’s Love interest?

Who Is Yatora’s Love interest?

Blue Period is a Japanese manga series that demonstrates a story of a boy named Yatora Yaguchi. He is currently a second-year high school student. He is a popular, intelligent, and hardworking boy who always does well in class and passes with excellent grades. But somewhere he finds himself unhappy and doubts himself for the same.

fan art of yatora in oil paint

As the story unfolds, we see that he was very much attracted to art which was kept in the art room. So he decided to try his hands-on art. And here he discovers that maybe he can give a try on making sketches.

As he joined the club he started to admire Maru Mari's painting and he even drew her sketch when she was doing her artwork. What do you think, in this manga will art lead to a love affair between them?

Do Yatora Yaguchi have feelings for Ryuji Ayukawa?

ryuji giving a surprised look

In Blue Period, we see Ryuji Ayukawa yelling at him in an off-tone that Art is not his cup of tea. This encouraged him in some way to think about it. Yatora and Ryuji are always seen fighting and screaming at each other.

Yatora on the other hand talks to them politely and listens to them. Though the two were on extremely bad terms at first, Yatora and Ryuji bonded well and are close friends now.

They are currently shown as very close friends as mentioned above. We can take into notice the point regarding the same by talking about Yatora who keeps appearing on Yuka’s Instagram profile.

It's even said that Yatora trusts Ryuji with his matters, as he knows that Yuki won't share it with anyone. They are seen sharing information about each other. As you all know, trust is the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Was Yatora attracted to Maru Mori?

Yatora and Maru Mori

We saw at the beginning of the manga that Yatora was very much attracted to and inspired by Maru Mori’s painting. This gave him the idea of trying his hands-on arts. Also when they were given a project to do, he was constantly looking at Maru Mori.

He found her very focused when she was drawing scary and considered her art extremely good. It is also stated that Maru Mori was the only reason why he wanted to excel in oil paintings.

When she asked him for a graduation present he said he needs some time to complete the drawing. Also, he said that if it wasn’t for her, he would have never thought of art and that he really likes her drawing.

So, when he gave Maru Mori the present he made for her, she was crying and said that she is going to treasure it. We see in the story ahead that Yatora allows Yuka to take him to visit Mari. when he was struggling to paint on an F-100 canvas. However, when he saw Maru Mori's new painting.

He got stuck again and was inspired to draw again. He left the place without meeting Maru Mori. And left a note for her that he will surely come to meet her again. So, what do you all think? It's just Maru Mori’s art that he is attracted to? Maybe, maybe not.

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