How did Yuichi Katagiri find the traitor?

How did Yuichi Katagiri find the traitor?

Things took a weird turn in the second game when Katagiri Yuichi and his friends started to bicker. The friendship was breaking, cracks were emerging and trust was almost lost.

As the game moved forward, Mikasa Tenji emerged as the traitor who signed Katagiri Yuichi, Shibe Makoto, Sawaragi Shiho, and Kakorogi Yutori in the Tomodachi Game. Mikasa Tenji wanted to break the friendship and corner Sawaragi Shiho for his own agenda.

Just when things were totally lost, the game took a sudden turn with the major reveal of the betrayal. As Katagiri Yuichi saw through Mikasa Tenji’s facade, he unapologetically unmasked his friend.

Why is Katagiri Yuichi an Abomination? Does he have a way to defeat the game and emerge victoriously? How did Katagiri Yuichi find the traitor when there was no communication?

How did Katagiri Yuichi corner Sawaragi Shiho and Kakorogi Yutori?

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There was no communication and Katagiri Yuichi and his friends were beginning to fight each other. Katagiri Yuichi is not only sharp but also very calculative. He had the game in his hands the entire time. No sweat, but he totally let the game under his control.

The argument between Sawaragi Shiho and Kakorogi Yutori was not scripted, but even in the chaos he neatly controlled the girls. Shortly after he controlled Shibe Makoto. Before Mikasa Tenji could even realize it, Katagiri Yuichi collected everyone’s nametags as a sign of proof and allegiance.

How did Yuichi Katagiri find the traitor?

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It was difficult but not impossible to find the liar and backstabber in the group. That’s how friendship is, the closer you are to someone, the better you know them.

The secrets, habits and how a person acts. In that sense, Katagiri Yuichi was quick to figure out his strategies to catch the liar. He used three quick strategies to sniff out the traitor. In the first hit, he used the process of elimination to trust Shiho and then Yutori. Soon he converted Shibe because according to them, Shibe was an idiot, a pure and naive one.

As Shibe has a big mouth and a tendency to gossip, they don’t share secrets with him. It was pretty easy to rule them all out. The second strategy was using the blame cards (memo notes) to pass instructions to Shiho and Yutori. Mikasa Tenji never even imagined what was happening.

Katagiri Yuichi had full control over who was going in which order and what they were posting. Hence the secrets shared by everyone except Mikasa Tenji were trying to outsmart Katagiri Yuichi, but he didn’t see this twist coming. Katagiri

Yuichi was always one step ahead of Mikasa Tenji. In the last step, he outwitted Mikasa Tenji, as Katagiri Yuichi disclosed his lie. He lied that Shibe killed someone when it was he who killed someone.

To be more exact, Katagiri Yuichi killed three people. Revealing his lie gave him the penalty and he won the game. Yuichi was successful in saving Shiho from winning the game and amassing the debt. The reason why Katagiri Yuichi is an abomination for many reasons.

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The game masters called Yuichi Katagiri an “abomination” for several reasons. Firstly, he’s unpredictable and he can be very weird, making him earn the loathing of the secret game masters.

Secondly, his actions were hostile towards the game and disrupted all the plotting, scheming and shenanigans of everyone. The game masters felt contempt towards Yuichi because he changed the game completely 180 degrees because of his wit. He protected his friends by becoming the ultimate sacrifice.

The game masters had dirty secrets about everyone, but they clearly missed Yuichi Katagiri’s. They had to verify whether he was telling the truth or not. To them, Katagiri Yuichi could be an abomination because he killed three people as well.

As they expected, even his friends turned their backs on him when he revealed his secret. His friends could easily change their opinion and treat him with disgust and distrust.

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