How Was Yukari Yukino Different From Other People?

Yukari was one of the most relatable Shinkai characters ever. She made everyone feel good about themselves. Read more about Yukari in this article.

How Was Yukari Yukino Different From Other People?

Yukari Yukino (雪野 百香里, Yukino Yukari) is one of the main characters in The Garden of Words, as well as a minor character in Your Name. She is even a part of the movie ‘Your Name’ (Kimi no na wa). Yukino was a minor character who serves as Mitsuha’s, Tessie’s and Sayaka’s literature teacher at Itomori High School. The alternative version of her female character in Kimi no na wa is Yukari Yukino of Garden Of Words by Makoto Shinkai.

Was Yukari Yukino A Person With a Guarded Heart?

Yukari Yukino was a literature teacher at a high school in Tokyo. She was a twenty-seven years old mysterious woman. She was a person with a guarded heart. Her heart was surrounded by thick walls. Walls which were very hard to break.

A woman with a heart who is a master in overthinking. All she did in her life was skip her job and sit in a garden and drink beer during the daytime. She used to think about her life and all the events that lead her to where she was then. The only thing that gave her peace was being alone.

Honestly, her job was the very reason she became who she was. The reason that she was bullied and the very reason she became the topic of everyday gossip which inevitably hurt her deeply. She was not always like this. She became guarded because people around her were harsh and mean to her.

A guarded person’s heart is like a lock which can’t be opened without a special key because the love they have within themselves can make an entire country go insane.

How Was Yukari Different From Other People?

Yukari Yukino was never really open to anyone but her life took an unexpected turn when she met Takao in the garden she spent her life in. Takao Akizuki is a mature, fifteen-year-old high school boy and an aspiring shoe-maker.

During the rainy season, he used to skip school to design shoes in the same garden where Yukari used to spend her days. Unlike other people at school, Yukari never really bothered anyone. She used to live in her own world.

Oblivious to the fact that Yukari Yukino was his teacher he grew close with her. He saw the light in her when all she saw was darkness. He made her believe that she didn’t need to hide her true self from him. She could open up to him about how she felt.

Takao was deeply disturbed when he learnt that Yukari Yukino was the literature teacher in his high school and he was even more disturbed when he got to know she was leaving her job and moving back to her hometown. The truth those garden breaks made him realise was that he loved her.

“There are certain things they adore, and certain things they ignore. But certainly, they are yours.”

Takao saw how special she was. Yukari Yukino was like a butterfly wrapped in a cocoon. She didn’t need him, she wanted him in her life. She wanted him to be a part of her life and wanted to be a part of his life too.

Takao made her feel good about herself. He never bothered about the useless rumors about her in school. He even fought with one of the students in school. The ending added an emotional touch to the anime and made it even hard to watch.

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