Yuri Katsuki's Figure-Skating Skills, Programs & Trivia

Yuri Katsuki's Figure-Skating Skills, Programs & Trivia

Yuri Katsuki is the main protagonist of the figure-skating anime, Yuri!!! On Ice, which is one of the Best Sports Anime.

Yuri is from Hasetsu, Kyushu, Japan. Yuri began figure skating when he was a child at Ice Castle.

He also learned ballet under the teacher, Minako Okukawa.

At the age of 18, Yuri Katsuki moved to Detroit to train under Coach Celestino Cialdini.

However, he lost at the ISU Grand Prix Final and comes back to Japan after 5 years.

This is how his story begins as “Yuri on Ice”.

Yuri Katsuki is 5’8 tall with a slim build body. He has short and messy black hair which he combs backward in a clean way when performing before a crowd.

Yuri has brown eyes and wears a half-rimmed blue glass most of the time except when he is performing.

man posing during his dance contest

Yuri gains weight easily, as seen in the beginning after he comes back to Japan.

Victor is also seen calling him out about that and calls him, Kobuta-chan.

Throughout the series, Yuri Katsuki is seen in two outfits which he uses for his skating program.

Short Program

During this, the outfit that Yuri wears is black with crystal embellishments on his shoulder and waist.

Also, it has a swath of fabric on one side of the hip.

Free Skate

For his free skate, he has a dark blue suit with a grey belt.

It too is decorated with embellishments.

Figure-Skating skills

Step Sequence

Yuri Katsuki is known for his powerful step sequence and spins.

He has a well-developed and unique technique for step sequence which earns him more points than his jumps.


Yuri in the beginning was only capable of landing a quad toe-loop successfully in competitions.

After Victor’s guidance, he learned more jumps. Now he has a repertoire of quads that he can confidently land.

Additionally, it is thanks to Yuri Plisetsky who taught him a quad Salchow.

As a result, he was able to perfectly land victor’s signature move, a quad Flip.


Yuri Katsuki has been training in ballet longer than figure skating.

He also has skills in other dancing forms, like break-dancing, interpretive and ballroom dancing as well as pole dancing.

We can only see this when he is drunk. (sigh!!)


Short Program

In the short program, Yuri Katsuki performs “In Regards to Love: Eros”.

This program has the composition of a step sequence in the first half and three jumps in the second half.

The three jumps are Triple Axel from a spread eagle, a Quad Salchow, and a Quad Toe-Triple Toe combination.

Free Program

For this program, Yuri Katsuki uses the song “Yuri on Ice”, an original composition by Ketty Abelashvili.

This song has a total of twelve jumps. In the first half, Yuri has a Quad Toe-Double Toe combination, a Quad Salchow, a Triple loop, a Triple Axel, and a Triple Flip.

In the second half Yuri Katsuki has a Triple Axel-Single Loop-Triple Salchow combination, a Triple Lutz-Triple Toe combination, and then a step sequence, and finally a Quad Toe Loop.


Yuri Katsuki in his own exhibition performs with Victor Nikiforov on the song “Stay Close to Me”.

Facts about Yuri

  • Yuri Katsuki is a diehard fan of Victor as seen in his room there are posters of Victor.
  • He had a poodle just like Victor, named Vicchan.
  • Yuri became the ambassador of Karatsu city, Japan on 29th November 2017.

So, what do you think, Does Yuri!!! on Ice really is the Best sports Anime ever?