What Brought A Change In Yuu Otosaka's Life?

Yuu was rather a rude boy in the starting but he changed. Read the full article to know what made him change.

What Brought A Change In Yuu Otosaka's Life?

Yuu Otosaka is the protagonist of the anime and a transfer student at Hoshinoumi Academy. He had the ability to possess anyone for five seconds. However, it was later revealed that his actual power was stealing the abilities of the person he was possessing.

As the series was about to end, he became the most feared character and was known by the name of a ‘one-eyed grim reaper’. He was also the younger brother of Shunsuke Otosaka and the older brother of Ayumi Otosaka.

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The selfish kid turning into a selfless kid 

Yuu had dark brown hair with maroon eyes. He was often seen wearing various outfits throughout the series. But one of his most seen outfits was the uniform of Hoshinoumi Academy.

The uniform consisted of a black jacket and a white shirt with black pants and brown shoes. After certain events in Charlotte, Yuu’s right eye was slashed by an enemy assailant’s knife.

After that, the scar was clearly visible on his eye, so he wore a medical eye patch when he was hospitalized.

What Brought A Change In Yuu Otosaka’s Life?

Yuu Otosaka, at the beginning of the series, was shown as an arrogant, selfish, and narcissistic boy, who misused his power daily. He just liked to have fun using his ability instead of doing something useful with it. It was even implied that he was an academically poor student and was often seen cheating on his exams to pass.

Despite this, Yuu was smart when it came to daily life situations. He was able to make strategic plans for hard situations. He knew how to calmly analyze situations and get out of problems without making a scene.

Yuu was very crafty as he misused his power to create problems in the life of people he disliked. He often talked rudely with his friends and everyone at the academy. He acted differently only when he was talking to his younger sister.

The little apathy he had in his life was because of his younger sister. People often took him as a self-centered person which he obviously was. But this trait of his changed after he lost Ayumi to death.

He went as far as locking himself in the room for days without eating or talking to anyone. Now he developed consideration for the people that were around him.

Yuu started caring for other people including his friends and fellow mates at the academy. He was changed to a responsible person.

At the end of the series, Yuu had lost all his memories.

As a result, for him, it was like a new beginning. Yuu now looked forward to making new memories.

He wanted to make happy memories with his friends in the present and future.

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