What is the truth behind Zangetsu and Ichigo's Zanpaktou?

What is the truth behind Zangetsu and Ichigo's Zanpaktou?

Finally, the much-awaited talk between Kurosaki Ichigo and Isshin was over. Ichigo learned about his roots and especially how his mother Masaki Kurosaki passed away through the June Truth in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 12. Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen Episode 13 “The Blade is Me” will finally allow Ichigo to gain some closure and maybe reforge his brand new Zanpaktou.

The old Zangestu and the secrets will be unveiled in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 13. Who will Ichigo choose? What is Soul Society upto? What is the truth surrounding the Old Zangetsu?

What is happening in Soul Society TYBW Episode 13?

man going for training

It was time for the captains and vice captains to become prepared for the long battle that was about to start. Fighting with Yhwach and his Stern Ritters would be challenging now that four of the captains lost their Bankai.

In Squad 10, Hitsugaya Toshiro went back to learn from scratch. Meaning it was no time to waste moping or sulking and the best Toshiro could do was learn from the basics and gain his powers again, with or without his Bankai.

man out for training

At the outskirts of Rukon District, it was the turn of Squad 9 Captain Muguruma Kensei to train his vice-captain Hisagi Shuhei to learn to master Bankai. Kensei was right that last time he managed to save his Bankai from getting stolen but there’s no telling what will happen in the future.

Hisagi must be prepared to fight the invaders and Bankai is the only way to do so. Super vice-captain, the visored Kuna Mashiro was there as well to shape Hisagi with the training. Kensei pretty much fired Hisagi by bringing up the sore spot, the previous captain Kaname Tousen.

Somewhere in Squad 12, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Vice-captain Nemu were upto something secretive. Third Seat Akon was back, although pretty much still injured. Had it not been for Kurosaki Ichigo, Akon would have to bid his life goodbye.

Good to see an alive Akon as he is the only sane member in Squad 12 somehow. Good thing that Akon installed a secret surveillance device to monitor their activities.

If it’s Mayuri we know he might be upto something not good! The surveillance didn’t show everything but from Akon’s reaction, it must be something very shocking and unexpected.

Squad 2 Captain Soifon was never really a group person. The lone wolf left her lieutenant Omaeda Marechiyo left behind. Soifon went to train alone which left Omaeda sulking and sad because his captain didn’t trust him to take him with him.

It was pleasant to see the Omaeda household with his sister. The little sister pestering her big brother to play ball was kawaii. With instant refusal and his sister crying, even Omaeda must be weak enough to give in to his sister’s demands.

One of the mysteries of Soul Society when it comes to backstory is the Captain of Squad 7 Sajin Komamura. The anthropomorphic wolf, Sajin is often mistaken for a dog. A desperate Sajin who despised his origins went to the last person he could seek help from.

Sajin visited his Great Elder and we know what’s coming soon. Komamura Sajin learning the clan’s secret technique will definitely help to turn to battle in favour of Soul Society, but everything comes with a price. If you know, then you know!

What happens to Ichigo Kurosaki Now?

Now that Kurosaki Ichigo resolved everything with his father Isshin, he learns the real truth about his lineage, his powers and his mother Masaki’s actual cause of death in Bleach Sennen Kessen-hen Episode 12 “Everything but the Rain, ‘June Truth’” Ichigo was all set to return after receiving the Soul Reaper Pass back from Ikumi Unagiya.

It was funny to see how Isshin promptly asked how Ichigo intended to return. Talk about nice timing when Mera Chan came to retrieve back Ichigo for Hoohden. Lo and behold, Ichigo is back with Mera Chan to complete his Zanpaktou modification process with the help of Oh Etsu Nimaiya.

What did Ichigo Choose?

It was a very iconic moment when Ichigo was at the pit of Asauchi and everyone finally acknowledged him. As they bowed down, Ichigo moved forward to select the one who would help to forge the new Zangetsu.

The Black Asauchi turned white the moment he joined hands with Ichigo, it was the one he chose after all. The Asauchi had quite a resemblance with his hollow “White”, could that be the reason why Ichigo chose him?

So now with Etsu Nimaiya’s help, Kurosaki Ichigo can have his Zanpaktou fixed but there are still some unsettling things that he may have to face.

The Hoohden Forge will allow Nimaiya and his assistant to forge Zangetsu. The Nimaiya Bodyguards were a sight to see as a form of comedic relief in the very dark and glum Bleach TYBW episode 13.

What is the truth of Zangetsu in “The Blade is Me?”

It’s time for Ichigo to bid Zangetsu goodbye or should we say the so-called imposter. It never really was Zangetsu in the first place. As a long-time viewer of Bleach, this always felt like an emerging question of why it was always hollow White who would have a heart-to-heart talk with Ichigo when he was in danger.

Well, the answer is finally here. The hollow-like powers were the source powers of Ichigo’s Zanpaktou which is why the Asauchi turned white the moment it came into Ichigo’s contact.

The person pretending to be Zangetsu was actually Yhwach when he was young, a thousand years ago. Ichigo is a Quincy by default, which means that Zangetsu was the source of his Quincy powers and a bit of his hollow powers combined with his Soul Reaper powers.

Although Ichigo was never aware of this, the fake Zangetsu didn’t want Ichigo to become a Soul Reaper. The personification of Quincy's powers was what made Zangetsu up until now and how he presented himself as Zangetsu.

Oh welp, another shocking moment of truth for Ichigo. Ichigo’s inner world was raining again and his world got destroyed the moment the fake Zangestu accepted the fact that he was indeed not Zangetsu.

The moment of truth was here. The young Yhwach pretending to be Zangetsu was actually the source of Quincy's powers within Ichigo. He was Ywhach and at the same time he wasn’t; there was no lie in it. Ichigo’s Quincy powers were neither his enemy nor his ally.

The powers simply didn’t want him to become Soul Reaper but when Ichigo became one he didn’t stop him. In fact, whenever Ichigo needed to learn how to use his Zanpaktou, fake Zangetsu asked hollow White to help him.

This makes sense, as the hollow within Ichigo helped save his life numerous times. The reasoning was weird but justified as the powers didn’t want Ichigo to become a part of the conflict and keep away from danger.

Well, but it’s like dangers and conflicts attract Ichigo so there’s no helping it. Fake Zangetsu didn’t want to kill Ichigo if he became a soul reaper and a threat to him. Eventually, fake Zangetsu gave his support to Ichigo as he slowly developed and honed his skills.

After telling him everything, Fake Zangetsu disappeared for good, forever. Ichigo Kurosaki finally has his true Zanpaktou -the real Zangetsu. Ichigo’s new Zanpaktou was similar to a double-bladed weapon of the Captain of Squad 13, Ukitake Jushiro.

The ending of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 13 “The Blade is Me” ends the first cour with Uryu Ishida officially joining Yhwach as the Stern Ritter and Ichigo Kurosaki gaining his new Zanpaktou.

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